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Impact of educational institutions on economic growth, sustainable development and social transformation

Наименование публикации:Impact of educational institutions on economic growth, sustainable development and social transformationАвторы:Смирнова Е. А. , Шубенкова Е. В., Карташова Л. В., Фатеев М. А., Асалиев А. М.
Тематическая область:Экономика и экономические науки
Вид публикации:Статья в сборнике
Электронная публикация:НетЯзык издания:АнглийскийГод издания:2020Страна издания: Кипр Наименование журнала или сборника:EpSBS - Volume 92 - SCTMG 2020, European Publisher, 2020, 1197-1205 pp. Код ISSN или ISBN:e-ISSN: 2357-1330Количество страниц:9Количество печатных листов:1,1Индексация:РИНЦ,
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Аннотация (реферат):

​The paper is concerned with the role of educational institutions to ensure sustainable development of the world economy. The study shows progressive trends and innovations undertaken abroad. The authors analyzed foreign experience related to the impact of business education on sustainability challenges. The paper concludes that there are some untapped reserves and a need to combine the efforts of educational institutions, in particular business schools, in order to guarantee social and economic transformations of society. The authors studied a new “BGA accreditation” system used for EI (educational institutions) quality assurance and accreditation. The system is designed to assess the impact of an educational institution on economic and social development. The paper presents some outcomes achieved by Russian educational institutions in enhancing their impact on economic growth and social development. The paper relies on the study carried out in 2015–2018 as part of an agreement between the Federal Resource Center for Training Management Personnel for the National Economy and Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. The study identified the reserves to enhance the impact of Russian educational institutions on sustainable development (SD) of the global economy and society at large, and shaped certain mechanisms to ensure that they are fully accomplished. The authors developed some recommendations to accelerate the implementation of these processes and the integration of Russian educational institutions in the international academic community.

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