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Российский экономическийУНИВЕРСИТЕТ
имени Г.В. Плеханова

Основан в 1907 году

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Наименование публикации:GRADIENT ENERGETIC CRITERION OF THE SURFACE WATER LAYERАвторы:Мясникова Е. Н. , Гажур А. А.
Тематическая область:Охрана окружающей среды. Экология человека
Вид публикации:Статья в журнале
Электронная публикация:НетЯзык издания:АнглийскийГод издания:2019Страна издания: Ангилья Наименование журнала или сборника: IOP CONFERENCE SERIES: EARTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCEНаименование издательства: Institute of Physics PublishingКоличество страниц:16Количество печатных листов:0,8Индексация:ScopusАннотация (реферат):

The article is devoted to the methods of analysis of the surface water layer of oceanic, marine and inland water basins. Due to water pollution, the optical properties of the surface layer are changed. The temperature field in the surface layer is locally transformed. This has a serious impact on the maintenance of the current structure. Water quality is changing. The conditions of existence of flora and fauna are changing. The article analyzes the indicators that determine water pollution. Absence of common energetic characteristic of a condition of a surface water layer is specified. It is proposed to estimate the dynamic picture of the heat absorption process. To do this, a gradient energetic criterion is introduced. The numerator of this criterion shows the intensity of the absorbed solar energy flux by the surface layer with a thickness of 1 m. The Denominator is the magnitude of the maximum possible absorption of the radiation flux. This maximal radiation flux is taken to be the value of the solar constant. The absorption of flow is considered to be evenly. This means linear temperature distribution. The depth of absorption to be a certain predetermined depth at which almost the entire stream of solar radiation is absorbed. The gradient criterion for the contaminated surface layer is several times higher than its value for clean water. That is, the gradient criterion captures the rapid overheating of the surface layer of the polluted water basin. This process, in particular, leads to the displacement of water currents. This is due to the fact that the bulk of the moving layer is at the surface. Also gradient criterion shows the danger of this local overheating for living organisms.

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