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Management Issues of Smart Growing Business: Knowledge-oriented Employees as a Critical Competitive Factor

Наименование публикации:Management Issues of Smart Growing Business: Knowledge-oriented Employees as a Critical Competitive FactorАвторы:Докукина А. А. 
Тематическая область:Организация и управление
Экономика и экономические науки
Вид публикации:Статья в журнале
Электронная публикация:ДаЯзык издания:АнглийскийГод издания:2012Страна издания: Румыния Наименование журнала или сборника:Review of Applied Socio-Economic ResearchНомер журнала (с указанием года):4 (2012)Код ISSN или ISBN:2247-6172Количество страниц:9Количество печатных листов:0,6Индексация:ERIH,
Google Scholar,
RePEc, EconLit, EBSCO, Index Copernicus Journals Master List, EconBiz, Genamics JournalSeek, WorldCat, Electronic Journals Library
Библиографическая ссылка:Anna A. Dokukina. Management Issues of Smart Growing Business: Knowledge-oriented Employees as a Critical Competitive Factor // Review of Applied Socio-Economic Research. Copyright Pro Global Science Association. Volume 4 Issue 2/2012, 2012Аннотация (реферат):

Modern companies are creating their value through various projects. In this connection project management approaches to smart growing business is developing faster than other managerial techniques; methodology and tools are getting more efficient and supplementing different business areas.

Despite the high level of development of the management field, there are a lot of challenges in implementation of knowledge-admired concepts and models. Knowledge management as a system is one of them. Globalization makes business create new success factors, and experience can be the crucial one, especially if the company is innovative and operates in the high technological industries.

Referring to the early definition of knowledge management – "in its simplest form, knowledge management is about encouraging people to share knowledge and ideas ​​to create value-adding products and services"[1] – researchers in the field of knowledge management try to highlight social intentions of knowledge management as primary ones. But at the same time several significant changes in organizational environment, such as growth, can create the need for more precise and formal initiatives in terms of managing knowledge[2].

This paper presents the outline of research devoted to the knowledge management system to be integrated into the project management of a company. The main issue is about the personal issue: are the employees ready for implementation of Project Knowledge Management, and what managerial decision can be made in this connection.

Keywords: business smart growth, information society, knowledge management, social factor, employees, management, decision making.

JEL Codes: O10, O31, O32

​[1] Chase, R. L. (1997). The Knowledg​e-Based Organization: An International Survey. Journal of Knowledge Management, 1(1): 38–49.

[2] Leseure, M. J., & Brookes, N. J. (2004). Knowledge management benchmarks for project management. Innovations in Education & Teaching International, 42(2): 103–116.


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