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Analysis of new financing opportunities for Russian pension insurance system

Наименование публикации:Analysis of new financing opportunities for Russian pension insurance systemАвторы:Финогенова Ю. Ю. 
Тематическая область:Экономика и экономические науки
Вид публикации:Статья в журнале
Электронная публикация:НетЯзык издания:АнглийскийГод издания:2017Страна издания: Австрия Наименование журнала или сборника:European Journal of Economics and Management SciencesНомер журнала (с указанием года):№1, 2017Наименование издательства:«East West» Association for Advanced Studies and Higher Education GmbHКод ISSN или ISBN:ISSN 2310-5690Количество страниц:6Количество печатных листов:0,6Тираж, экз:1000Индексация:РИНЦ,
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Библиографическая ссылка:Finogenova Yulia Y. Analysis of new financing opportunities for Russian pension insurance system. European Journal of Economics and Management Sciences. №1, 2017. p. 47 - 53.Аннотация (реферат):
​The revision of socio-economic development’s forecast of Russia for the year 2016 leads to
make the adjustments of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR)’s budget size. The main reasons associated with
a fall in GDP, the reduction of which in 2015 was 3.7%, and the declining of the employees’ wage funds
on which were charged the pension contributions. Thus, in 2016 the budget of the PFR for compulsory
pension insurance benefits payments was formed with a deficit of 810,5 billion RUR. The possible sources
of funding this deficit are: state budgetary transfers, encouraging later retirement and, potentially, use the
assets of National Welfare Fund.
The purpose of this article is to analyze the possibility of PFR’s deficit financing due to: (1) the involvement
of employees individual contributions (up to 2% of their income) and (2) by eliminating restrictions
on the maximum size of the accruals for pension contributions of relatively highly paid groups of citizens.
The main conclusions will be done regarding the possible size of PFR’s deficit reduction and they will
based on the results of the additional pension insurance contributions amounts’ modelling​

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