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Scientific research institute New Economy and Business

​The "New Economy and Business" research institution is created by the order of the Rector of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics No. 370 of 09.07.2010. The institute is a research, information and analytical structural division of the University aimed at obtaining, distribution and use of new knowledge in the field of the solution of technological, economic and socio-political problems in the conditions of forming in Russia a new innovative economy. ​

Founder and director of the Institute

Gretchenko Anatoly Ivanovich ​

Ph.D. in Economics, professor,

Honored worker of science of the Russian Federation,

Winner of an award of Lenin Komsomol in science and technology.

The mission of Institute – implementation of research and innovative projects of varying complexity and orientations on the basis of effective use of intellectual resources of University.

The purpose of institute – carrying out basic and applied researches and developments for various state and non-state customers, including accomplishment of scientific subjects on the basis of the grants allocated by domestic and foreign scientific funds (RNF, the Russian Federal Property Fund, RGNF, etc.), rendering paid scientific and educational and consulting services to legal entities and physical persons.

Aims of the institute:

1. Together with departments of the University, attracting the most active part of the faculties (young scientists, graduate students, doctoral candidates):

• to perform the research, expert and analytical and other works for the leading State customers financed on the basis of competitive selection, giving at the same time a priority to orders of the supervising Ministry, researches in education, and also to perform for the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation scientific research within the state task for rendering services (performance of works);

• to custom-make economic structures research and other works and services on the basis of economic agreements;

• to render assistance of various industries of the national economy to the organizations, entities of defense industry complex, in carrying out applied researches in the perspective directions of development of science and technology and in implementation in production of the advanced developments for the purpose of increase in level of domestic technologies, growth of a share of release of high-technology industrial output, reducing terms and cost of its creation;

• on a regular basis to carry out monitoring of the major macroeconomic indicators characterizing a condition and development of domestic economy in general and also at the level of certain regions of the country, to perform forecasting of social and economic processes;

• to carry out expertise of scientific, research programs and projects, including with involvement of other organizations, scientists and specialists;

• to realize practical approbation in experimental educational process of new achievements of economic science;

• to conduct selection of the most perspective masters, graduate students, job seekers for forming of an allowance of professorial personnel at University;

2. Together with the Publishing center to perform preparation for release of the University's scientific and analytical magazine "Science and Practice";

3. Together with Management of the international activities:

• to develop programs, projects and offers for participation in the international, all-Russian, industry and regional programs and tenders;

• to perform the international scientific cooperation, to participate in joint surveys with foreign partners, including sending of scientists to foreign countries and to accept foreign scientists, to hold the international conferences, meetings, symposiums, to represent joint scientific publications. ​

Main directions of scientific activities

Research activities conducted in Scientific Research Institute New Economy and Business in the following directions:

    forming of offers in the field of development of state policy in education, the scientific and technical and innovative sphere;

    development of new tools and methods of ecological and economic regulation in the sphere of environmental management and environmental protection, management of reproduction and use of natural resources;

    development of the directions of development of the state tax and budget policy, management system by results at the national level, forming of recommendations about increase in efficiency of budgeted expenses;

    development of recommendations about the organization of the state financial control when using transfer pricing;

    the analysis of level of the competition and condition of the investment climate of real sector of domestic economy, development of the specific measures directed to large-scale improvements in area of upgrade and innovative development of economy;

    development of instruments of support of innovations within public-private partnership, supports of programs of diversification, expansion of production of high-technology civilian products;

    development of scenarios of long-term plans of economic development of national economy in coordination of long-term strategic and budgetary planning;

    development of state programs on the priority national projects directed to improvement of quality of a human capital;

    organization of scientific and practical seminars and consultation on planning and efficiency analysis of investments into innovative business, edition of the corresponding literature. ​​


Our address: 113054 g Moscow, Zatsepa St., 43, room 128.
e-mail: gai51@list.ru, demenka@bk.ru