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The Procedure for Reviewing Articles for the Journal ‘International trade and trade policy


1. All articles planned for publishing in the journal ‘International trade and trade policy’ must undertake the procedure of internal and external reviewing and approval at the Editorial Board.

2. When a typescript arrives at the editorial office it is studied and checked for its compliance with the topic of the journal and requirements of the typescript design (internal reviewing). In case these requirements are not met the article is not accepted for consideration and the notice of it is sent to the author.

3. In case the article meets all formal requirements of the publication, it is sent for independent expert’s review (external reviewing).

4. Reviewing procedure is anonymous both for the expert and author.

5. Editorship asks the expert while reviewing the article to pay special attention to methodical and methodological issues, analytical and statistical base, key hypotheses, interpretation of findings, bibliography and other context components.

6. The review consists of quality assessment of the article, concrete description of advantages and disadvantages in methodology and instruments and suggestions for text improvement.

7. By results of reviewing the article can be rejected, sent to the author for improvement or accepted for publishing.

8. The Editorial Board takes a decision about publication on the grounds of internal and external anonymous reviewing.

9. In case of positive review of the expert materials are included in editorship’s portfolio and the responsible secretary sends a notice of this to the author.

10. In case of negative review of the expert the article is discussed at the meeting of the Editorial Board ad hoc group, which can make a decision about article rejection or necessity to get an additional review of the independent expert.

11. In case of article rejection a notice is sent to the author.

12. If the expert produces any remarks the typescript is returned to the author for improvement.

13. The author is entitled to ignore the expert’s recommendations and to refuse to improve the article submitted to the editorial office.

14. Editorship reserves the right not to publish the article relying on the expert’s opinion.

15. The final decision about publication of the article is made at the meeting of the Editorial Board.

16. The procedure of articles’ approval takes from 1.5 to 2 months, then articles are publishedin sequence in line with the journal topics.

17. Preparation of the article for publication conducted by editorship of the journal includes editing and reaching fixed editorship’s standards accepted within the frames
of the journal.

All corrections are agreed upon with authors.​