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About the Journal


International scientific journal ‘International Trade and Trade Policy’ — peer-reviewed journal of researches  and analytical materials in the following fields: world economy and international relations, foreign economic activity, customs, regional and commodity markets, marketing research, commodity research, expertise. international economy and trade policy. The Journal was founded in 2015.

The main objective of the Journal is to develop information database and broadcast the latest researches in the field of international economy, world economic relations, economic integration and trade policy.

The journal contains publications of four main research areas:

08.00.14 – World Economics

08.00.01- Economic theory

08.00.05 – Economics and Management of National Economy

05.18.15 – Technology and commodity research of food products and functional and specialized purposes and public catering

The staff of the journal realizes the following tasks:

  • synthesis, analysis, forecasting, structuring and dissemination of basic research results in international and regional Economics, international trade, markets of goods and services;

  • publication of articles and analytical materials on the most topical issues of international trade, customs, examination of goods;

  • providing information support for the development of scientific research in the sphere of international integration and trade and economic relations;

  • development of cooperation of Russian and foreign scientists specializing in the field of world economy, economic integration, trade policy;

  • involvement of young scientists in the development of science

The Journal contains original scientific articles, analysis materials and experts’ comments about the latest researches in the field of international trade, trade relations. The Journal uses a large database to choose the most relevant information for publication.

The journal is forced to economists, researchers and students who are interested in the field of international economy, international trade, international economic relations.

Founder is the Federal State Budget Higher Educational Institution ‘Plekhanov Russian University of Economics’.

The Certificate of Registration  ПИ № ФС 77-61397 от 10.04.2015.

ISSN 2410-7395​