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Author guide

The requirements of article for publication in the journal


The represented article must be original, not being published in the same form in other print and electronic editions before.
The article structure must include:
  1. A title (should be brief and the essence of researching)
  2. Initials and the author`s surname
  3. Summary of the article ( 75-150 words)
  4. Key words (5-10words)
  5. Body text ( no more than 30 thousand symbols)
  6. List of references
  7. Information about the author ( full name, academic status, position, place of employment and postal index,  scientific specialization and e-mail)
The title, summary, key words and information about authors must be in Russian and in English. List of  references in Russian must be transliterated in Latin and translated into English.
The name of University is  Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.
 Key words should reflect the main content of the article and not to repeat the notions from the  title and summary.
The author’s summary of the article is a short summary of the scientific work. The results of searching should be exact and informative. The summary should not repeat information contained in the title of the article.
For example:
Ядгаров Яков Семенович
доктор экономических наук, профессор кафедры теории и истории экономической науки РЭУ им. Г. В. Плеханова. Адрес: ФГБОУ ВПО «Российский экономический университет имени Г. В. Плехано-ва», 117997, Москва, Стремянный пер., д. 36.
E-mail: yakovyadgarov@mail.ru
В статье посредством соотношения многовековой истории хозяйственной жизни и экономической мыс-ли в эпохи дорыночной экономики и нерегулируемой рыночной экономики раскрываются сущностные аспекты ответов прародителей экономической науки и собственно основоположников этой отрасли человеческих знаний на вызовы соответственно натурально-хозяйственной системы и товарно-денежной (рыноч-ной) системы хозяйствования. Обосновывается по-ложение о том, что ответы экономической науки на вызовы хозяйственной жизни предвосхищают не-преходящие ценности рыночной экономики и проявляют себя перманентно, подвергаясь научно-практической апробации и способствуя введению в научный оборот многообразных альтернативных концепций, доктрин и рекомендаций.
Ключевые слова: экономическая наука, эпоха доры-ночной экономики, эпоха нерегулируемой рыночной экономики, прародители экономической науки, меркантилизм, классическая политическая экономия, экономический романтизм, утопический социализм, немецкая историческая школа, родоначальники маржинализма.
 Yadgarov, Yakov S.
Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Department for Economics Theory and History of the PRUE. Address: Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, 36 Stremyanny Lane, Moscow, 117997, Russian Fede-ration.
E-mail: yakovyadgarov@mail.ru
 The article reveals the consistent responses of the economic science founders on the vital calls from natural and market economy by means of unregulated market economy historical analysis. The argumentation of the article persuade that the economic science responses on the calls of economic life anticipate inherent values of market economy locates and prove permanently, being exposed to scientific and practical approbation and promoting introduction in a scientific turn of diverse alternative concepts, doctrines and recommendations.
Keywords: economic science, era of pre-market economy and era of unregulated market economy, economic science founders, mercantillism, classical political economy, economic romanticism, utopic socialism, German historical school, marginalism founders.


The main part of the article should contain the theoretical and methodological part, where the choice of methods for solving the problem must be define ; demonstration of quantitative and qualitative data were obtained during the implementation of these methods and techniques; summarizing the results of research. The article should be written in understandable language for experts in the field and a wide circle of interested readers.
References are made in the main text of the article by indicating a serial number of the referenced works in the end of the sentence in square brackets. In the case of the quoting, you should indicate the page number of work [3. – p. 5].
The text should be typed in MS Word using 1.5 interval Times New Roman script size 12 on one side of A4 paper. The pages are numbered.
All images must be compatible with MS Word. All literal marking should be explained in the text or caption. Figure captions and table headings are required. Using of color pictures and graphics is not recommended, owing to the fact that the journal is printed in one color.
In mathematical formulas, Greek and Russian letters should be typed in normal script, Latin – italic. Formulas are referenced in the subsequent text, should be numbered. The numbering of formulas a through.
After the article there are two identical numbered list of references. One list of literature for Russian-speaking readers should be made in accordance with the current GOST R 7.0.5–2008. The second list (References) for foreign readers should be made in accordance with the requirements of journals included in the database Scopus. The numbering in the two lists must match exactly. They must be identical in content but different in design.
Transliteration can be conducted automatically using translit.ru, the transliteration mode should be LC (Library of Congress).
Typescript requirements  to References
 Description of the monographs
Gretchenko A. A., Manakhov S. V. Formirovanie nacional’noy innovacionnoy sistemy: metodologiya i mekha-nizmy : monografiya [Formation of National Innovation System: Methodologies and Mechanisms : monograph.], Moscow, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, 2012. (In Russ.).
Description of the article from journal
Ivanova S. V. Modal’nosti prisutstviya pryamykh inostrannykh investiciy v rakurse teoriy dogonyayushchego raz-vitiya [Modality of Direct Foreign Investment in View of the Catching-Up Development Theory], Vestnik Ros-siyskogo ekonomicheskogo universiteta imeni G. V. Plekhanova [Vestnik of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics], 2012, No. 8 (50), pp. 25–38. (In Russ.).
The description of the article from an electronic journal
Kontorovich A. E., Korzhubaev A. G., Eder L. V. [Forecast of global energy supply: Techniques, quantitative as-sessments, and practical conclusions], Mineral’nye resursy Rossii, Ekonomika i upravlenie, 2006, No. 5. (In Russ.) Available at: http://www.vipstd.ru/gim/content/view/90/278/ (accessed 22.05.2012).
Article description from the continued publication (proceedings)
Astakhov M. V., Tagantsev T. V. Eksperimental’noe issledovanie prochnosti soedineniy «stal’-kompozit» [Experi-mental study of the strength of joints «steel-composite»], Trudy MGTU «Matematicheskoe modelirovanie slozh-nykh tekhnicheskikh sistem» [Proc. of the Bauman MSTU «Mathematical Modeling of Complex Technical Sys-tems»], 2006, No. 593, рp. 125-130. (In Russ.).
Description of  the conference proceedings
Shibaev S. R., Mironova A. S. Voprosy upravleniya rynkom spekulyativnogo kapitala [Managing Speculative Cap-ital Market], Rossijskiy finansovyy rynok: problemy i perspektivy razvitiya : materialy Mezhdunarodnoy nauchno-prakticheskoy internet-konferencii. 23 aprelya – 11 iyunya 2012 g. [Russian Finance Market: Problems and Pros-pects of Development : Materials of the International Research Internet Conference. 23 April – 11 June 2012], Moscow, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, 2012, pp. 137–146. (In Russ.).
Description of the thesis
Semenov V. I. Matematicheskoe modelirovanie plazmy v sisteme kompaktnyy tor. Diss. dokt. fiz.-mat. nauk [Ma-thematical modeling of the plasma in the compact torus. Dr. phys. and math. sci. diss.], Moscow, 2003, 272 p. (In Russ.).
All articles are received by editors should pass a «blind» review. According to the decision of the editorial Board the article can be sent to the author for revision or rejected on technical or scientific reasons (motivated rejection). Authors should send to the editor a license agreement and deed of conveyance with their articles.
 Graduate students for publication of the manuscript will not be charged.​