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Summer school of Russian as a foreign language

​​​​​​Additional general development program "Summer school of Russian as a foreign language"

To be able:

• to satisfy the basic communicative needs in communicating with native speakers in the social and socio-cultural spheres, in particular;

• to communicate, get acquainted with someone, be introduced or represent another person, say hello, say goodbye, address to someone, thank, apologize, respond to gratitude and izvieniya, congratulate; attract attention, ask for a repeat; ask again; remind; end the conversation; 

• request and report information: ask a question or report on a fact or event, person, subject, the presence or absence of a person or an object, the quantity, quality, ownership of objects, the action, time, place, reason and purpose of the action or event; about the possibility, necessity, probability, impossibility of action; 

• to express intention, desire, request, demand, desire, advice, proposal, invitation, consent and disagreement, refusal, permission, prohibition, promise, uncertainty, doubt; 

• express their attitude: to give an assessment of the person, the subject, the fact, the event, the act; express preference, condemnation, surprise, sympathy, regret; - to carry out full-fledged communication in Russian on the topic proposed in the course, to maintain a dialogue in Russian, to master the skills of monologic and dialogical speech; - read and understand the texts as well as the certification level of the RCT.


• the necessary basis for successful communication in a language environment using a limited set of language tools, in particular;
• the following speech intentions: report the presence of the object; give a definition of the object, give a classification of objects; describe the process, the phenomenon, the functions of the object; give various kinds of characteristics of the object; describe the composition, structure, structure, structure of the object; describe the movement, movement, interaction of objects; describe the change in the state of the object; express the relationship and the relationship between the objects; Describe the location, location of the object; describe the application, use, purpose of the object;
• Russian etiquette, including speech;
• knowledge of the Russian realities of everyday speech communication;
• communication skills in communicating with native speakers;
• translation skills in teaching and everyday situations.


Form of training full-time
Cost of education

from 100 000 rub.
Duration of training
2 months
Number of hours 260
Start date of training  20 of June 2018
The contact person
Kornilova Tamara Vasilyevna

Phone number 8 (916) 637-93-94

E-mail rusich-rea@yandex.ru
​Reception of documents June 2018

Картинки по запросу иконка pdfCurriculum

Document issued after graduation:


This Certificate confirms that

Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich

was trained in an additional general development program 

​​"Summer School of Russian as a Foreign Language"

How to proceed:

Requirements for students
Documents for admission

Картинки по запросу точка иконкаForeign citizens who have an education of not less than the average

Картинки по запросу точка иконкаa personal application for admission to study (the application form is provided by the department and filled out upon the arrival of a foreign applicant);

Картинки по запросу точка иконкаa questionnaire with biographical data (the questionnaire form is provided by the department and filled out upon the arrival of a foreign entrant) medical insurance (purchased after signing the contract);

Картинки по запросу точка иконкаnational passport

Картинки по запросу точка иконкаmigration card

Картинки по запросу точка иконкаentry visa