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Студенты из Китая, посетившие РЭУ им. Г.В. Плеханова, поделились своими впечатлениями о Летней школе

1. Hai Yinwen
I think the summer school is really fascinating. And I would like to say «thanks» to Plekhanov Russian University of Economics for suck fantastic programme. Thanks to all the organizers for accompanying us during these days.
The most unforgettable thing was travelling around the Moscow! We have been impressed by the views of such magnificent country. And of course, I liked the people, who were so friendly to us.
And now I am sure, that I would like to come here, study here!

2.Kairatkyzy Makpal
As for me, I liked a very beautiful Plekhanov University. And as an aspirant I would like to come to your country to study Russian. Hope, that programmes of your University will be suitable for me, and I will be able both master the language and have a wide range of choices for in my future career. Thanks to Plekhanov Russian University of Economics for an unforgettable part of the summer school which we spent here!

3.Li Ao
It was my dream from my childhood to come to Russia and speak with the real Russians. I did my best to learn as many Russian words and expressions in Russian as I could in order to feel sure in myself while being in Russia. And now my dream came true, and I believe I still come back to this country: to study and to live. 
It was a great experience and a treasure to come to this summer school! I have learnt a lot! It is very meaningful for me.

4. Hai Yinwen
I love the Moscow as a big and picturesque city! I love people here very much. Students which showed me the city and their Universities were so kind to all the members of our delegation. We saw many beautiful tourists attractions with the help of them.
I do love Russian culture and Russian literature and a lot of the other things which are connected with Russia. Thank you very much for all of the stuff!