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Training corporation


At the Russian Economic University at the Department of Management a unique program "The Training Corporation” has been developed. This program is a virtual corporation with its internal and external business processes, in which students can work in various departments, for example: in the department of human resource management, production management or in the department of Strategic planning and forecasting. The program "The Training Corporation” includes several stages. At the initial stage, students gain knowledge on the basics of computer technology, study the operating system, Windows, a number of applications of package Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, Power Point, Access. If previously in employment a person could provide knowledge of these software products as a good additional knowledge, today bad knowledge of this programs perceived as a complete lack of skills in the use of modern information technology which are necessary to operate the company. Then, the students conducted the business game in which they can use their knowledge in the economy, to organize a virtual company, producing some products and compete with other players. This allows them to analyze different mar​ket situation, analyze errors that can lead to defeat, to consider other positive and negative factors affecting the viability of the enterprise and determine the best strategy for their own business. In fact, this simulation is a competitive market with the use of information technology. At the next stage, students are introduced to various software products that enable data analysis and based on it to select the best solution. Then students learn complex automated information systems required to operate in modern conditions. This complex includes legal information systems, automated personnel management system, accounting information systems, automated enterprise management system, assessment system business, etc. Now, many companies seek to automate virtually all business processes. But not everyone can afford to implement costly systems of Western developers, so get boxed systems, such as 1C, etc. And some of the lack of funds, or apparent necessity - automate business processes only to individual departments. These systems include automated systems for personnel management, accounting systems, customer relationship management, etc. Teaching students in the program "The Training Corporation” is using systems that are widely used in the Russian market. At the last stage, students learn automated enterprise management system, where they provided the opportunity to work in every department of the virtual corporation. Learning the basic principles of such systems help students not only receive the necessary knowledge on information technology, but also more clearly understand the structure of the company, its business processes, the relationship with the environment. Working in a virtual corporation allows them to pass the horizontal and vertical career, learn to analyze and consciously apply their training during the Academy to practice. It is a clear to understanding of the processes occurring in the enterprise, allows entrepreneurs, managers make the right choice in making decisions and successfully run their business.

Types of information systems of bysiness management that are being used in the training course
Virtual Corporation:
Computer Systems of Industrial and Production Management
LAW information system
System of Projects management
System ofManaging of buisness productivity