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Post graduate

For post-graduate students

 Scientific specialities

Science branches

The code number and the name of specialities of science


02.00.00 Chemical sciences

02.00.06 High-molecular connections

02.00.15 Kinetics and catalysis


05.00.00 Engineering science

05.13.10 Management in social and economic systems

05.18.12 Processes and devices of food manufactures

05.18.15 Technology and commodity research of foodstuff for functional and specialized purposes and public catering

05.25.05 Information systems and processes


07.00.00 Historical sciences

07.00.02 National history






08.00.00 Economic sciences

08.00.01 Economic theory

08.00.05 National economy and management (branches and fields including: economics, the organization and management of the enterprises, branches, complexes; management of innovations; regional economics; logistics; labour economics; economics of the population and demography; nature management economics; entrepreneurship economics; marketing; management; pricing; economic safety; standardization and product quality control; land management; recreation and tourism)

08.00.10 Finance, monetary circulation and credit

08.00.12 Accounting, statistics

08.00.13 Mathematical and tool methods of economics



Documents acceptance to postgraduate study, is organized as a rule, once a year from June, 10 till June, 25th