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The Faculty of Management as a part of PRUE was founded on March 1, 1945 (1100 students). Its  name was changing  according to changes in economy of  Russian Federation, and at the same time has been keeping the general  management profile. The main basis of the preparation has always been the planning of the economy - meaning, strategic planning. Our faculty has produced some other structures for over 60 years of its existence. Over 40 years ago the Division of Economic and Cybernetics - now the Department of Economics and Mathematics became a separate unit. The major public figures and managers among the graduates are: First Dep. Chairman of the Russian Pension Fund - A. Kurtin, The General Manager of RUSAL O. Deripaska, The President of VTB-24 M.Zadornov, Director of the Institute of Macroeconomic Research of the Russian Federation Ministry of Economic V.Smirnov and others.

The kernel of the Faculty – the Dean and the division chairs - which introduce an innovative, pioneering approach of training across the spectrum: bachelors, masters and PhD candidates.
The Faculty has created and now operates a unique training complex «Training Corporation» (which is patented and awarded with a gold medal of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre).

Graduates of our faculty are demanded by various state structures and well-known Russian companies. This is achieved through the arrangements of the Department with organizations such as the Pension Fund of Russia, Russian Technologies, Rosatom, Gazprombank, «Adidas», «Expert Systems», «SAP CIS» and others on the passage of students and undergraduate industrial practice. 
In 2013, the faculty has received the accreditation for Bachelor of Management at the European Council for Business Education.
About a half of our teaching staff is working in business structures.
The  Faculty of Management implements such an interesting and popular projects, as:
  • The Centre of Career Development;
  • International student scientific conferences (also in English).

The faculty is characterized by intense student life. The feeling of leadership of our students at the University is confirmed not only by  a number of students from our faculty at the Student Council that is about 40%. Our students have repeatedly been the winners of “Student of the Year”, “The Best Group”, “The Best Film of the Year in PRUE”, etc. Student creative teams traditionally lead in the REU and are a part of the joint team of the University, representing us in regional and nationwide competitions.

The Faculty of Management is the legal successor of the general economic falty, which was established in the structure of the Moscow State Institute of Economicsat on March 1, 1945 by the order N50 of All-USSR Committee for Higher Education. The faculty was united with PRUE as a part of the Moscow Institute of National Economy in 1961 (now the Russian University of Economics).
At that time students studied the following directions: "Political Economy", "Labour Economics" and"Economic planning". During the Soviet period, departments and divisions were headed by eminent scholars, academicians, government officials.
On June 25, 2001 by the decision of the Academic Council (Decree № 182 of 13.08.2001), it was transformed into the Management Institute of the Russian Academy of Economics named after  Plekhanov. In 2004, all he Institutes of REA gained the status of departments once again, and our Institute gets its present name - the Faculty of Management. Thus, the listed sequence of transformations clearly exhibits the legal succession of our faculty from that one which was established in 1945.

Deans of the faculty: 
1960 - 1969 years V.K. Ozerov;
1987 - 1989 years J.G. Odegov; 
1989 - 1996 years A.I. Gretchenko;
1996 - 2013 years M.N. Kulapov
2013 - present M.A. Ponomarev