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Российский экономическийУНИВЕРСИТЕТ
имени Г.В. Плеханова

Основан в 1907 году

The rules of the contest


1. IBS Case Club Contest 2020 is available for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate students, in teams of 3.
2. Every team must be made of 3 students of the same faculty and/or university. At the same time, it is allowed to have mixed year of study and nationality teams (within the same faculty and university): with students of different years of study of a faculty’s undergraduate programme and with national and international students (whose mother tongue is not English).
3. The schedule of IBS Case Club Contest 2020: all the information is available on this website.
4. The registration for the ¼ final of the Contest (IBS round) for IBS-Plekhanov students: until not later than 1 week before the event. Therefore, it is important to sign up as early as possible – first come, first served.

The same principal applies to the registration of the teams of other faculties of PRUE for the ½ final and to the registration of the teams of other universities for the inter-university final. 
5. All teams receive the input texts/materials for analysis on the day of the Contest. The time for preparation (to read and analyze the case and to prepare a PowerPoint presentation of your analysis) is 100 minutes. When preparation time finishes, all teams hand in their USB memory sticks with their slides to the Case Contest Management Team. Upon handing in their USB memory sticks, the teams take part in the drawing of lots – to establish their turn to deliver presentations.
6. The break after the preparation and the drawing of lots is 20 minutes.
7. The time allowed for each team’s presentation is 5 minutes. After that, up to 2 minutes for answering questions will be given.
8. Each team must have: - A fully charged and fully operational laptop with MS PowerPoint (we recommend having 2, in case one of them fails) - A USB flash drive (memory stick) – we recommend having 2, in case one of them fails. Not having a working laptop and/or USB memory stick means an automatic defeat and leaving the contest.
9. While one of the teams is presenting its analysis, no further preparation and/or discussions in other teams are allowed. The penalty is 30 points.
10. The teams are assessed on the scale of 100 points as follows:

  • Case solution (20 max)

  • Quality of supporting detail and material in the solution (20 max)

  • Presentation (15 max)

  • Coherence of delivery (15 max)

  • Team work (15 max)

  • Command of English: range and accuracy (15 max)

These criteria apply both to the team’s presentation and to the its dealing with questions.
11. The PowerPoint slides which teams hand in after 100 minutes of preparation must contain all key ideas and reasons in the analysis and all the important facts and figures (as seen by the team). The analysis and its delivery in the presentation must follow the HBS format:
- Statement of the Problem
- The Issues
- The Options
- The Recommendation
- The Plan of Action

Failure to follow the format is penalized by 20 points.
12. If a team’s slides, handed in and uploaded onto the main computer after the preparation period are different from the ideas of the team’s oral presentation, this is treated as borrowing of ideas from competitors and/or other sources after the preparation period is over and penalized by 25 points.
13. The Case Contest is run in English, among non-native speakers of English. We recommend the Contest to students with CEFR level B2 (upper intermediate) or higher.
14. The Contest is managed by IBS-Plekhanov. IBS-Plekhanov only manages all the events and procedures of the Contest, but takes no part in the assessment. All teams are scored by external, independent assessors.

Welcome to the IBS Case Club Contest – and good luck!