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Российский экономическийУНИВЕРСИТЕТ
имени Г.В. Плеханова

Основан в 1907 году


IBS-Plekhanov Case Study Contest was launched in spring 2011. At that time, a group of IBS-Plekhanov second-year students, inspired by the dynamics and agility of the business world they were being introduced to, decided to create a place where the nimble minds could exchange ideas and develop business skills by working on business cases. Supervised and supported by IBS-Plekhnov Dean's office (Dean N.V. Ponomareva, Deputy Dean D.A. Epifanov), the students elaborated the Case Study Contest and invited, for the first time in the history of IBS-Plekhanov, students from different universities of Moscow to come together and experience a flow of ideas, challenge their critical thinking and improve their decision making skills. In the traditions of the IBS-Plekhanov faculty, the Contest was agreed to be held in the English language. The panel of judges consisted of highly rated business professionals, including EY's risk group managers, Unilever executives, and 2 experts in English language teaching, case analysis and soft skills who have been acting as independent assessors of the Contest throughout all these years, up to this day:

A.V. Gorizontova (now, in 2016 - Regional Manager: Eastern Europe and Central Asia, of Cambridge English Language Assessment - Part of the University of Cambridge) and A.Y. Soluyanova (now, in 2016 - Regional Manager of Macmillan Education)
The winners of the 2011 final of IBS-Plekhanov Inter-University Case Study Contest were students of Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School (GSBA):
  • Elena Isaeva
  • Angelika Bondarenko
  • Ruslan Habibullin
This team's focused and structured analysis, brilliant teamwork, excellent presentation skills and command of English marked one of their first steps in future career success, impressed the audience and independent assessors, and brought them the desired victory.

In 2016, the founders of the Case Study Contest continue their studies or work for business companies around the world. Their names are:
  • Alexandr Kiselyov
  • Artem Temnikov
  • Dmitry Morkovin
  • Anzhelika Khachatryan
  • Ksenia Bogdanova
  • Tatiana Forost

Recent feedback from Anzhelika Khachatryan, from 2011 Case Contest Management Team:
«We are happy to know that the tradition of carrying the Case Contest we kickstarted at IBS-Plekhanov back in 2011 has found its supporters in the subsequent generations of students. We hope that the Contest continues to challenge and inspire students of business schools in Moscow and many other cities both intellectually and emotionally, and that the fruit of our common labors help them on their way to the real Business World and all of the bright opportunities it promises».