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Российский экономическийУНИВЕРСИТЕТ
имени Г.В. Плеханова

Основан в 1907 году


The quarterfinal of the 7th Inter-University IBS-Plekhanov Case Contest for IBS-Plekhanov teams was held on 21 February.
12 first, second and third year teams competed.
The independent panel of assessors for this round included:
- Nina Marusyak,  Employer Brand and Resourcing Manager RUB, Unilever
- Milena Milich,  Chief HR-expert, Kandym Gas Processing Plant,  Lukoil
- Irina Babich Консультант комитета по международным делам, Аппарат Совета Федерации
- Sergey Ryumin, CEO and co-founder, HYSP company
All teams worked well, but these 2 have managed to deliver the highest results and thus make it to Plekhanov University semi-final on 21 March:
1. The Sharks: Zlatkin Serafim, Semenov Egor, Sklyanina Yelizaveta: first year students of Economics (Finance and Credit)
2. Thinking out of the Box: Ravil Mekhmandarly, Vladimir Nikishov, Vasiliy Viktorov: first year students of Economics (Finance and Credit).

We would like to thank our dedicated student Case Contest managers Beniamin Arutchev, Margarita Avramova and Irina Bey for running the project, our excellent external assessors for ensuring professional, transparent and fair assessment of the teams, and our wonderful teams, all 12 of them, and especially the top 2 who will represent IBS-Plekhanov in the future rounds!