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Opinions of the faculty

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Anastasiya Pivovarova, a renowned Russian tennis player, participant of Grand Slam tournaments, FDL graduate:

I graduated from Plekhanov FDL in 2011. Teaching at the faculty is organized in such a way that it is not difficult to combine a sportswoman’s tight schedule with the studies at the university. I was given a complete set of learning materials, which allowed me to study while being at training sessions away from Russia. The individual schedule of taking exams  provided by the faculty’s administration enabled me to prepare for tests and exams without any breaks in playing tennis and, as a result, to receive a prestigious education in one of the best economic universities of Russia.

Feodor Stepanov, head of the VV Group company, FDL student:
I run a big business in the Moscow region, organize modernization of a well-known financial company and carry out joint projects with the RF Ministry of Finance and the World Bank. Nevertheless, with time and success I achieved the strive for knowledge has not disappeared but has only become stronger.

A year ago I came to Plekhanov University having a great desire to find a modern opportunity to receive high quality knowledge in a prestigious university. Now I can confidently say that PRUE has lived up to my highest expectations. From day one at FDL I have found myself among real professionals. Teachers intelligent, out of the ordinary and modern, assistants responsive and likeable, and faculty leaders competent – all that has given me an incredible incentive for acquiring new knowledge, and now there is not a single day in my life without thinking about my university, faculty and education!

Maria Kramarenko, a leading ballet dancer at the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre, FDL student:
At FDL I am doing a correspondence course. It enables me to bring together a tight tour schedule with receiving a higher education at Plekhanov. Attending lectures twice a week, convenient timetable of tests and exams, the possibility to study using the Internet when being in another part of Russia or another country - to my mind, that is a dream of every student who does not want to give up their favourite job and at the same time receive an  economic education, which is in great demand, in one of the best known universities of our country.

Anastasiya Mironova, FDL graduate, postgraduate of  Plekhanov University:
I graduated from the Faculty of Distance Learning in 2010.

It turned out that studies can be an enjoyable occupation and also make a person more disciplined. Studying at FDL is not as complicated as it seems.

I was able to combine work and studies. I had my individual schedule of studying and taking exams at the time free from work. It was possible to get in touch with a teacher whenever necessary to discuss any question that arose. It was possible to study even being outside Moscow by using learning materials placed on the site of the faculty. It is convenient and none the less effective.

At the time of studies I acquired  the skills of independent work, increased the level of knowledge and gained confidence in my abilities and plans for the future. The faculty helped me start fulfilling my potential and make a decision of further studies at a postgraduate course.

Nadezhda Repikova, FDL student:
In 2011 I graduated from the Financial College №35, where I received a good education and a diploma. The next step was obvious for me, as from my first year at the college my aim had been to enter Plekhanov University. The faculty of distance learning, which I have chosen, wonderfully allows me to bring together work and studies. And now both good education and work experience are important at the labour market.

Convenient schedule of attending lectures, reasonable learning load, wonderful teachers, who can make any lecture, even on a seemingly boring subject, interesting and memorable. If you were not able to attend a lecture, you can always study it on your own, in your on-line personal room, which is given to every student when they have entered the university. There you can find all lectures, delivered in a detailed and comprehensible way.

Being a student of Plekhanov University I am happy with my choice, and I always speak with pride about the place where I study!

Kseniya Tatosyan, FDL student:
FDL allows us to conveniently combine work and studies, which is very important.

Classrooms with modern equipment, the possibility to communicate with teachers through the Internet and  accessibility of materials for studies facilitate learning and raise the quality of knowledge.

Marina Bagina, office  manager, the Kolchuga holding:
Having chosen this faculty for receiving my second higher education, I have never doubted that I have made a correct choice. On the contrary, I have made sure that FDL at Plekhanov University is the best institution in Moscow for acquiring knowledge in the field of economics for those people whose first education was in a different sphere.

A competently composed programme, an individual approach to every student, high professionalism and amiable mood of teachers guarantee FDL success and prosperity.

Dmitry Moshkov,  advisor to the General Director of Centrenergogaz, Gazprom:
Entering the faculty of distance learning I thought that studying would be easier. But strangely, for your own money you have to attend lectures and take exams. Here you feel  “the old school”, when receiving education was not easy but later this education became a person’s best reference for their whole life.

All teachers are professionals, and some are really talented. Some subjects are difficult to love “at first sight” for the majority of students. But it is the personality of the teacher and his or her manner of rendering the material that make these subjects understandable.

Perhaps I have only one negative impression – that the studies are drawing to an end but learning is not becoming easier. The age of a student is not taken into account here, and it is probably right. That is what real education should be.

Olga Konyakhina, senior assistant, the Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel and Business Centre:
Unfortunately, now it is not always possible to bring together work and studies, especially at a day-time or evening department of a university. But it is the Faculty of Distance Learning which gives people a unique possibility to combine a high quality education in one of the country’s most prestigious universities with work, which is so necessary for many of us.

Already after several lessons at FDL I realized that teachers manage to give real knowledge which can be applied in practice, despite the fact that classes take place only twice a week.

One of the main advantages of FDL is the possibility of electronic learning. That means that I am not tied to the university itself because I do not have to attend all lectures. In order to see the material I am interested in or to take a test, it is enough to log in to the Internet and enter my personal room.

Such a form of education gives us a big advantage. For instance, I can go to study abroad   without giving up the university. I can also start working anywhere,  practically with any schedule.

Olga Sazonova, corporate project manager, Bakcell Ltd:
Having decided to receive a higher education I considered very many options. I work full time five days a week, so the only acceptable option for me is distance learning. I live in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. I decided to look through possibilities for studying outside the country and came across the site of the Faculty of Distance Learning at Plekhanov University. Having come to the university I realized that it was there that I wanted to study. On passing the entrance exam I was accepted, and now I am in the second year.

The distance form of learning ideally suits a person with a full-time job. Having started to study at the university I was pleasantly surprised with the organization of studies and understanding and support from teachers and assistants. The education at the faculty is especially convenient for people living outside Moscow. Having received his or her login and password each student can find the necessary material, pass interim testing and thus get prepared for taking exams.

In spite of the fact that I have to come to exam sessions every half a year, I am very glad to be a student here, and I have never regretted entering this faculty.

Vera Novoseltseva, customer service manager, Forite Capital:
When I moved to Moscow from another city I had to decide where to continue education. Guided by what I read in the Internet and what I heard from my acquaintances, of the whole variety of Moscow universities I chose Plekhanov. As nowadays one is always short of time, my choice was the Faculty of Distance Learning. In the two years I have never felt sorry but made sure that I have made a right choice.

Professional teachers. Convenient classrooms. Accessible material. Everything necessary for receiving a higher education. Convenient time of classes - on week days you can be at the lessons in time, and on Saturday at 5 p.m. you are already free.

I like very much the teachers’ way of presenting information. No unnecessary words, unlike in day-time teaching. Everything is dynamic and concise – the most important and necessary things. If you need more, you can always find it on the site. The site is very use-friendly. You never have any questions where, what and how to find. Information about changes in the timetable or any other important matters always appears in time.

I am happy about my choice of the university and the faculty. On the one hand, you receive a high quality education,  on the other hand, it does not bind you hand and foot taking too much time. And, of course, what is also of no small importance – it is the best value for money!

Now I advise my acquaintances to study here.

Gamlet Sargsyan, FDL student:
Like many other distance learning students, I work. Besides that, since childhood I have been practising music. I like playing the bass guitar, violin and piano. I am also fond of dancing. In my spare time I like watching films. But unfortunately, I have less and less spare time.

And here I get a lot of help from our faculty’s official site. It is very convenient and simple, and I can always learn what changes there are in the timetable or ask somebody what I want to know about the studies, and I always quickly get an answer to my question. In addition, the site is beautifully designed and pleasant to visit. I sincerely want to thank the site’s administration for that!

Elena Milovidova, FDL student:
Since childhood I have been used to managing to do everything and at once, and when the question arose “How to receive two educations at the same time?” I understood that distance learning was a way out! And indeed, two months have passed, and I see how convenient it is, no piles of textbooks – everything can be found in your personal room. Wherever you are, your textbooks are with you! At the lessons, which, luckily, are given at very convenient time, everything is explained in a very interesting and understandable way. FDL, thank you for existing!

Yuri Alimov, FDL student:
I work at Plekhanov University. My work involves dealing with telephones and computers. We have a lot of things to do, as our university is constantly being modernized, refurbished buildings are starting to function, personal rooms are being changed, chairs are moving to new places, and we ensure their mobility. Besides that, I work a lot as an electrician engineer.  I also study at the FDL raising my intellectual level. The faculty’s site is a great help in my case. Thanks to it I manage to do assignments in my everyday hustle and bustle. It is user-friendly, and the most important thing is that it is logical and concise.

Inna Navalnaya, FDL student:
I study at Plekhanov University at the Faculty of Distance Learning. Why this form of education? First of all, it is very convenient, especially for those who work or maybe are simultaneously receiving two higher educations. At the site of FDL there are many useful things, from the studies material to on-line consultation with the site’s administration. I spend my spare time on learning English in a language school.