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имени Г.В. Плеханова

Основан в 1907 году

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The modern pace of life is so dynamic and the information flows are so numerous that it is impossible to imagine contemporary education without the involvement of digital technologies. Life-long learning and self-development are the requirements of the modern world towards any person’s life. Digital technologies enable you to build up your own individual pathway, choose from a huge variety of study opportunities the very subject that you need or find useful and interesting. The Faculty of Distance Learning can become one of the key tools in the large system of digital education catered for you.

The advantages of distance learning are the following:

- flexibility – you are able to learn without reorganizing your working time;

- independence – you are able to learn at any time and any place, avoiding long hours of physical presence in the classroom;

- practicality – you have an opportunity to learn as much as you personally need to master the course or educational discipline, and obtain the necessary knowledge in the chosen specialty. The training, including personal tuition, exams and tests passing, is organized according to an individual schedule;

- cost-effectiveness – there are minimum educational expenses.

Education at FDL is carried out through a specially developed distance learning system and is based on a combination of different forms of learning activities, namely: the student's independent work with both virtual interactive and traditional educational materials; on-line discussion of topics and issues either during a group internet conference, webinar, or in an individual counseling mode; on-line testing; off-line tests, course passes or exams.


All these advantages enable various categories of students, such as full-time or part-time, people from various regions of Russia and abroad; students combining study in two universities at the same time; young parents, individuals with disabilities.

The faculty implements the following higher education programs:

- Bachelor's programs in Economics, Management, Commerce, Law, Applied Informatics, Design, Product Technology and Public Catering, Hotel Business. There are accelerated training programs for the graduates of colleges and technical schools of the relevant secondary vocational education that offer 3,5 years' duration of studies for such students.

- Master's degree in Economics, Management and Law.


Master's programs imply such innovative forms of education as project-based training, webinar classes, video conferences, organization of research work employing modern independent learning tools. Undergraduates are also taught the basics of oratory skills and time management, as well as business communications. The seminars are conducted by highly-qualified practitioners in the relevant field.


Organizing online conferences on topical issues, the faculty provides the students with an opportunity to get engaged in various research activities, issue scientific papers, and participate in discussion. Also there is a mixed format of studies practiced for the students to get lecture material delivered online, whereas practical skills are developed at on-campus sessions.


Another popular type of training session organization is when those students, who have an opportunity to attend on-campus classes, interact personally with the teacher, while others join these classes online.

The Master's programs of the faculty are rewarded with international and professional public accreditation.


The classes in both BA and MA programs are scheduled two or three times a week: on weekdays (from 19.00 to 22.00) and on Saturdays as a full academic day.

Numerous non-degree or retraining educational programs are acceptable, ranging from 16 to 500 academic hours in various fields, such as advanced training, general development programs, professional retraining, or certification and accreditation of certain types of professional activities.

These programs enable you to enjoy either a comprehensive education including a full curriculum of interrelated academic disciplines, or take a shorter course to master some curtain subject or field of studies. The Faculty of Distance Learning has been working for extended and continuous supplementary education for more than twenty years and has vast experience in implementing the programs created for the wider range of students, i.e. from schoolchildren to corporate customers.


We are happy that our corporate customers actively join us to take part in the development of the faculty programs by drafting a curriculum and methodological content, program updating, selecting teachers, adapting material to the specifics of a particular company and its environment.

We provide custom-made training opportunities for individuals or large groups. Auditors and professional accountants master their qualifications; financial market specialists have their qualification certified at our Faculty. Retraining people who wish to change their field of activity and build up a career in finance, marketing or HR management can also join our programs. PJSC Gazprom, Russian Railways OJSC, OBI Franchising Center LLC, Association of Expert Advisory Councils, Rosneft, the Union of Russian Retirees, Sberbank and many others are among our corporate customers.

"Faculty - corporate customer" approach allows to create a highly qualified program that is always in demand. The faculty traditionally occupies the leading position among other faculties of the University.