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Российский экономическийУНИВЕРСИТЕТ
имени Г.В. Плеханова

Основан в 1907 году

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Human Capital and Professional Education



Journal mission and objectives

The journal «Human Capital and Professional Education»​ is devoted to the growing role of human capital in the knowledge economy. This journal offers a forum for ideas and opinions exchange and both conceptual and empirical research results on a wide range of issues of human capital formation, development and management, including modernization of professional education, intellectual leadership and entrepreneurship.

The journal focuses on micro and macroeconomic issues, local and international aspects of human capital development. It publishes articles, reviews and cases within its topics. Preference is given to articles integrating theory and practice, critical analysis of specific experience to identify the most successful and effective human capital management techniques.

Papers selection is done by peer review basing on the journal’s mission and objectives.

Journal objectives:

- theory and practice development in the usage of professional education to develop and manage the human capital of an organization, a country or a region;

- integration of advanced theory and best practical experience;

- using concepts and research results in other areas of studies to develop an understanding and practical recommendations to improve human capital management.

Journal positioning

Every area of studies needs its research journal, however the most important breakthroughs happen on the intersection of several research areas. «Human Capital and Professional Education» journal is an interdisciplinary research platform for the discussion of conceptual and practical issues of human capital in the globalised knowledge economy. Editorial Board of the journal believes that research results in each area are usually known and accessible to a narrow circle of specialists only. Opponents advocate their ideas in their own narrow areas and are usually unaware of the arguments used by discussants in a different field. The journal aims at offering a discussion forum for representatives of different fields of studies, proponents of various concepts and sciences, including but not being limited to sociology, pedagogy, organizational behavior, strategic management, psychology, institutional economics, marketing, etc.

Journal target audience are researchers and practitioners engaged in human capital management and professional education transformation to meet the needs of modern globalised knowledge economy.

As a cross-disciplinary research journal «​Human Capital and Professional Education» will give preference to the following topics:

- important current issues for any of its target audiences;

- critical reviews and syntheses of human capital managerial issues;

- empirical results of research projects;

- new or previously unknown aspects of human capital development;

- critical reviews of the professional education transformation and modernization;

- analysis of important events, tendencies and drivers which can influence the future of professional education;

- new issues of human capital management related to the economic development trends;

- new theories and concepts which can influence the further development of economic and management science;

- cutting edge research in other areas, such as economics, organizational behavior, strategic management, sociology, political science, marketing, etc.