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Contains Editorial Board opinions and messages.

Plekhanov Capital

Is devoted to outstanding personalities who contributed to the reputation and glory of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics: founding fathers, professors, alumni.

Guest of the Issue

Acquaints the readers with the opinions and thoughts of interesting personalities on the issues related to the journal topics.

Reviews and overviews

Covers latest interesting publications, conferences and other events relevant for the journal topics.

For Authors

1  The Journal is interested in publishing rigorous research that provides novel theoretical and substantive insights with actionable implications for a broad set of marketing stakeholders.

2  The journal manuscripts are judged not only on the depth and scope of the ideas presented and their contributions to the field but also on their clarity and whether they can be read and understood. Readers have varied backgrounds. Thus, the following guidelines should be followed.

3  Write in an interesting, readable manner with varied sentence structure, and use active voice. Avoid using technical terms that few readers are likely to understand. If you use these terms, include definitions. Remember: The journal is designed to be read, not deciphered. Keep sentences short so the reader does not get lost before the end of a sentence.

4  The paper length should be within 40.000 characters

5  The first page should contain:

  • Full name of the author(s) and contact details (address, telephone, e-mail) of at least one (corresponding) author;
  • Short author’s bio: titles, current position and organization;
  • Paper title;
  • Paper abstract (up to 100 characters in Russian and in English;
  • Key words;
6  The papers should be in Microsoft Word of 6,0 and above (no PDFs, please) following the publishing requirements of the standard ГОСТ 7.1-2003, sent to humancapital@rea.ru.

7  The journal in black and white so using of colorful graphs is not recommended.

8  All articles are peer reviewed by an experienced and highly respected editorial review board. If the reviewers have some comments or recommendations the papers are sent to the authors for correction. If the paper is rejected by the reviewers, the author is sent an argumented rejection letter.

9  All publications in the journal, including those by Ph.D. students are free of any charges.

10  Contact details of the authors are publicly assessable only with the consent of the authors.