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About the Department


About the Business Analysis Department
at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

The department (chair) of Business Analysis carries out educational, teaching, research and pedagogical activities, and actively works on enhancing the prestige of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics by participating in expert councils of the bodies of state administration, in professional associations and academic institutions on the issues of business analysis, commercial and public sector audit, internal and external financial control.
The department (chair) has 25 faculty members. It also includes a research laboratory of behavioral economics and analytical consulting. 17 postgraduate students and Ph.D. candidates are currently working on their dissertations with a degree in Accounting, Statistics.

Educational activities include teaching courses and preparing graduates in the following programs:
- specialist’s and bachelor's degree in "Accounting, Economic Analysis and Audit";
- master’s degree in two master’s programs: "Internal control and audit” and "Financial and operational business analytics” carried out at the Department of Business;
- additional education programs at the Department of Business and Department of Distance Learning (second higher education in “Accounting, Economic Analysis and Audit”, advanced training in the field of auditing, taxation, business analysis, budgetary accounting, control, etc).

Teaching activities

 The department (chair) develops study materials for all courses taught in all degree programs. Since 2012 more than 20 textbooks and study guides have been issued including the following:​

N.A. ​Kazakova Marketing analysisМ. : INFRA-М, 2012.

N.A. Kazakova Management analysis in various industriesМ. : INFRA-М, 2011, 2012

N.A. KazakovaEconomic analysis М. : INFRA-М, 2011, 2012, 2013. Electronic library system ZNANIUM.COM 

N.A. Kazakova Management analysis: comprehensive analysis and entrepreneurial activities diagnosis Textbook and electronic textbook.  М.: INFRA-М, 2013. Electronic library system ZNANIUM.COM

Writing team of the Chair

Audit: theory and practice

/ under the editorship of N.A. Kazakova 
М. : Yurait, 2014 Electronic library system biblio-online.ru.

N.A. Kazakova Financial analysis М. : Yurait, 2014. Series: Bachelor and Master. Academic course

Electronic library system                 biblio-online.ru

L.B. Trofimova International financial reporting standards: 2nd edition М. : Yurait, 2012.

L.B. Trofimova Auditing: theory and practice
/ under the editorship of V.S. Karagod
М. : Yurait, 2012. ​​​​

Research activities include:

International research projects. 

Rresearch laboratory of behavioral economics and analytical consulting is carrying out a joint project «Professional education and labor market» with  Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

Postgraduate and doctoral programs           

Research activities of the department (chair) are consistent with overriding goals and objectives of scientific activities of the University dedicated to the development of a new model of Russia’s economic growth in light of globalization. And it is reflected in the current dissertation topics:

1. Strategic and situational analysis of the development of economic entities with regard to their peculiarities.
2. Development of conceptual framework for financial analysis; financial analysis based on Russian and International standards; improving the quality and relevance of the financial statements as the basis for analysis and control of economic (business) processes.
3. Tools of analytical substantiation, information and methodological base for analysis and controlling of business entities’ efficiency and development with regard to their peculiarities (integrated entities, regions, priority activities).

4. Improvement of mechanisms of external and internal control: audit and controlling, efficiency audit, tax expertise, financial control.

5. Development and improvement of audit methodology.

6. Budget efficiency analysis and control.

Staff members who supervise postgraduate and doctoral students:  

Head of the Chair, Ph.D., Full Professor Kazakova Natalia Aleksandrovna

Ph.D., Full Professor Polisuyk Galina Borisovna

Ph.D., Full Professor Dontsova Lyudmila Vasilievna

Ph.D., Full Professor Plaskova Natalia Stepanovna

Ph.D., Associate Professor Fedchenko Elena Alekseevna

In 2013 5 people defended their Ph.D. theses. 11 postgraduate and 6 doctoral students are currently working on their dissertations.  

Intellectual activities

In 2013 the faculty members developed:

● electronic training pack “Sources of financing, the system of accounting and evaluation of the execution of government contracts at state-funded educational institutions” (authors: N.A. Kazakova, E.A. Fedchenko);

● electronic training pack “The system of internal and external government financial control at state-funded educational institutions” (authors: N.A. Kazakova, E.A. Fedchenko);

● electronic training pack “Normative funding of state education services per capita based on the levels of education and implementation of educational programs" (authors: N.A. Kazakova, E.A. Fedchenko);

Previously, the faculty members received several copyright certificates (I.R. Dun has 12 patents, N.A. Kazakova - 1 patent).

Research projects

In 2013 the department (chair) participated in the following research project grants:
- in conjunction with the Department of Distance Learning on the topic "Elaboration of an integrated system of assessment, monitoring and development of professional abilities of Heads of Moscow educational institutions in financial and economic activities in the field of education" (contracting authority – Moscow Department of Education) (actionees – N.a. Kazakova, E.A. Fedchenko);

 - RHSF grant “Priority areas for science, processes and technology development in the Russian Federation, the critical technology” on the topic “Environmental audit” (actionees – N.S. Plaskova, N.A. Aleksandrov, G.F. Golubeva);

- contractual work with the Department of Science, Industrial Policy, and Entrepreneurship of the city of Moscow (N.A. Kazakova, A.N. Petrov).

Monographs and academic papers  

In 2013 the faculty members published 4 monographs:

N.A. Kazakova, E.A. Fedchenko, L.B. Trofimova “Methodology of creating relevant information in the age of economic globalization” (published by INFRA-M, series "Scientific Thought" registered in the international database DOI).

           N.A. Kazakova, E.A. Fedchenko, L.B. Trofimova "Modern paradigms and methods of budgetary efficiency analysis and control" (published by INFRA-M, series “Scientific Thought”, registered in the international database DOI).

            N.S. Plaskova “Cash flows of a business entity: generation, analysis and efficiency evaluation” (Moscow: RSUTE Press, 2013).

            I.R. Dun “Fundamentals of autonomous institutions’ operation”. 

            In 2013 more than 50 academic papers were published in the journals listed in the Russian Science Citation Index, including the Higher Attestation Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

           Our well-known authors on topical issues in the field of auditing, control and analysis are: Ph.D., Full Professor N.A. Kazakova; Ph.D., Full Professor N.S. Plaskova; Ph.D., Full Professor Polisyuk G.B.; Ph.D., Full Professor L.V. Dontsova; Ph.D., Associate Professor E.I. Belyakova; Ph.D., Associate Professor  M.G. Boshnyakovich; Ph.D., Associate Professor I.R. Dun,  etc.

           Research projects with students

           The department (chair) of Business Analysis and Audit as part of Third All-Russian Festival of Science organized a series of scientific events:

            October 11, 2013. International Student Scientific and Practical Conference “From research ideas to the business development strategy”. 

            Event participants: student teams of the Departments of Business and Finance of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics and Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, professors, instructors, doctoral candidates, postgraduate students of PRUE, PFUR, Eurasian Humanities University (Kazakhstan). A contest of wall newspapers, business game “The most effective scientific idea”, and themed quiz took place during the conference.

           October 15, 2013. Business game "Science in my future profession". 

           The program included presentations of the teams, a contest of wall newspapers, a themed quiz, and a business game “Our concept is analysis and audit”. Participants: student teams of the Departments of Business and Finance of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics and Russian State University of Trade and Economics.

          October 22, 2013. Round-table conference "Topical issues in analysis, audit and economic and financial risks management". 

          Professors, instructors, doctoral candidates, postgraduate students, department representatives of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Eurasian Humanities University (Kazakhstan), MATI-Russian State Technological University, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia and other Universities, as well as practicing specialists in the field of auditing and controlling took part in the scientific dispute on economic and financial risks in business processes and on the new knowledge formation in the field of analysis, audit and control as effective methods of reducing risks. 

            December 17, 2013. International Scientific and Practical Conference for Students and Postgraduates “Synergy of accounting, analysis and audit in international business” (in English).
            Participants: 4
th-year students and administration of the Department of Business, faculty members, department chairs, postgraduate students of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics and Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, CEOs of audit companies, chief accountants of small and medium-sized businesses. Participants discussed using modern methods and innovative technology in accounting, analysis and audit under high business risks caused by economic globalization.

March 6, 2014. The First International Teleconference «Vocational education and the labour market» with Ca’ Foscari university of Venice.

             Eighteen 3rd and 4th-year students of the Department of Business took part in Plekhanovsky readings under the supervision of Ph.D., Associate Professor Krivetskaya T.P. and Instructor Petrov A.N.