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About us

The laboratory of behavioral economics and analytical consulting was founded in 2013 by a group of teachers and students of REU of Plekhanov interested in developing joint international research projects in the field of behavioral economics, which studies the impact of social , cognitive, and emotional factors on economic decision-making of humans, companies and organizations in general, as well as the consequences of this impact on market variables (price, income , allocation of resources ) .

The main goal of the laboratory is to conduct original research (theoretical and experimental) in the field of human behavior with further  publication of the results in international and national journals. In addition, employees see their mission in promoting research in this promising field in Russia and abroad by attracting young researchers and undergraduate and graduate students, organizing international research projects, seminars and conferences, etc.

Elena Khlevnaya - Head of Laboratory, Ph.D. in Economics and Psychology,  associate Professor of the business analysis and audit department at REU of Plekhanov.

An international scientific research projects under the contract between REU of Plekhanov and Ca 'Foscari university of Venice: "Professional education and the labor market: the minimum skills and learning strategies" (involving students, masters and PhD students, researchers and teachers of the University).