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About the department

И.о. ЗаDepartment of Global Financial Markets and Financial Technologies

The Department of Global Financial Markets and Financial Technologies is developing long-term partnerships with the Bank of Russia, the Moscow Exchange, leading commercial banks, banking associations, All-Russian Insurance Association, major insurance organizations and other financial institutions, which provides a principled framework for training specialists in such spheres as: banking, securities, insurance and risk management, investing and financial engineering. For decades, the graduates of the department have been Big League of the Russian financial system.

The teachers of the department are members of the expert councils of the Bank of Russia, the Russian Treasury, national, regional associations and unions in the relevant areas of financial business, members of dissertation councils for conferring doctoral and candidate of science degrees, scientific editors, and members of the editorial boards of specialized scientific journals.

The department conducts fundamental and applied research commissioned by federal and regional authorities, commercial organizations; takes part in developing draft regulations, prepares expert and analytical materials, attracts students and graduate students to research and development work.

The department conducts intense educational and methodical work. The department is especially proud of the numerous collaborative writing teams' and author's textbooks and manuals on banking, securities market, fundamental analysis in securities market, insurance, financial risk management, and financial market, published by the largest Russian publishing houses. Our textbooks are used by students of leading Russian universities and secondary vocational educational institutions.

Young Russian and foreign specialists, including those from Belarus, Vietnam, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Syria, and other friendly countries, conduct scientific research in postgraduate and doctoral studies under the guidance of professors of the department. They are attracted by the high scientific potential of our scientists, the extensive experience accumulated over decades in training scientific personnel of the highest scientific qualification, as well as the actively developing integration ties of the Russian Federation with foreign partner countries, including within the framework of regional economic unions (EAEU, SCO, BRICS, etc.) to form and develop financial markets.