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​​Tips for applicants


You should remember that the question «Where to study?» is not only your choice of higher educational institution, but also t is the choice of your future specialty which you intend to get. Choose your high school after you have chosen your future profession. Try to find out as much as possible about high schools in order to make a reasonable decision.

The basic sources of the information are Internet sites of high schools, educational internet portals, directories of high schools of Armenia, newspapers, magazines, television, open days, ratings of high schools, etc.

Read more literature and periodical press on business. Examine those branches and spheres in which you would like to work. Be informed about large companies operating in Armenia, and everything that refers to them. Be informed about the activities of business leaders. It will help you in your studies and future career.

Study computer technologies, acquire skills of working with new software, learn how to use competently all the possibilities of the global network, i.e. the Internet. Learn foreign languages. It is just what the graduates of high schools need.

Aspire to new knowledge, improve your skills and   never stop on what you get. Constantly project new aims and purposes and plan how to achieve them. You will need the sense of duty and stress-resistance in future, these are very important qualities in professional work.


The necessary documents for entering Yerevan branch of REU (application forms must be presented personally by the applicant and by mail):

. the passport,

. the documents of education received,

. 4 photoes of 3x4 size.


Working hoursfrom 09-00 till 17-30
The assistant of admittance committeeAghabekyan Naira Surenovna
Telephone+374 10 38 10 47
Address0038, RA, Yerevan, st. Arzumanyan 5/2