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VIII International scientific and practice conference “Modern economy: concepts and models of innovative development”


​19-20 of February 2016









Difficult position in which Russian economics turned out – result in its unprecedented dependence first of all from import of technologies and equipment, and also dependence of income of budgetary system of a country from the level and dynamics of prices and oil and gas raw materials.  

Accepting this result as one of the important consequences of necessity to overcome the predominantly raw model of development, and also, the fact that this dependence threatens national safety, most of the experts support the idea of restructuring of economics and, on this base, transition to the model of import substitution. But it would be really difficult to realize it.

​Not only because the fact that till this day the economic recourses, stimulous​, boundaries, and also, acceptable price for ​​​import substitution and its temporary horizons are not yet set. Even its possibility of radical transition to non-primary model of development of national economics is not evident in terms of lowering the tempo of economic growth, recourse deficit, and serious concern of Russian business to its fate.


To get out of occurred situation science and practice hold an active search:

  • New facts and main drivers of economic growth on a base of a strategy of import substitution
  • Resources and mechanisms of raising the stability of budget system
  • Ways of raising the quality of government spending and tools of realistic assessment of its effect and others


This search is complicated that there are some points that are not clear yet:

  • How to raise the activity of new institutional factors growth in Russian economics
  • How to stop disruption of investment demand at internal market
  • Which new resources of investment in main capital you can use
  • How to increase the amount of companies that are oriented at development and innovation


There is no answers for the following questions:

  • What will change the policy of inflation targeting?
  • In what framework policy of regulation of ruble exchange rate?
  • How to ensure the control for target use of credits?
  • How to use specific tools of Russian Banks effectively?

Finally, accepting the need to develop the system of training and retraining of staff, experts can't decide:

  • About which stuff members decide everything today?
  • About which the strategy should be to increase the quality of human capital?

Evidently, that in the framework of the conference that is held by PRUE only, it wouldn't be possible to dot the i's and cross the t's on listed issues. The goal to designate the position of University team is set on these key problems:

  • Opportunities of import substitution policy in terms of sanctions, fall in prices for petroleum and lowering of world economy growth tempo
  • Reference points of industrial policy oriented at economic development at the base of "new industrialization"
  • Staff foundation of national economy growth
  • Institutional factors of Russian economy development
  • Mechanisms of increasing the quality of budget costs and earmarked usage of credits
  • Tools to overcome the recession of investment demand at internal market