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Graduate programs

Graduate (master) degree programs with medium of instruction in English 

Full-time study
Duration: 2 years

Master programs

Economics and Finance

Financial Security of Company
Accounting and Taxation in Commerce Organizations
Internal Control and Audit
Business Analytics in Economics and Management
Economics of Firm
Corporate Finance
Economic Consulting
Economics of High-Tech Industrial Enterprises
Strategic Planning of National Economy
International Business

International Corporate Finance (in English)EN_en.png

Foreign Economic Activities
International Entrepreneurship
Economic Risks
Statistical and Mathematical Methods in Economic Forecasting

Human Source Economics


Asset Management of Company

Evaluation Report Expertise


​Finance Analytics (in English)EN_en.png
Tourism and Hospitality     Corporate Strategies in Hospitality Industry
Commodity Policy in Domestic and Foreign Trade
Technical Complex of Restaurant Industry
Marketing and Advertising PR in Business Communications (part-time)
Information Technologies       Information Systems and Technologies of Corporate Management
Enterprises and Organizations Information Development Consulting
E-business and Web-projects management
Integrated, Automated Organizational Texhnical and Economic Information Systems
Legal Studies and Law       Legal Support of Financial Services
Economic Activities Legal Support
Economic Crimes Prevention by Means of Criminal Law
Economic Law
Management and Administration
Management in Catering Industry
Property Management
International Business
International Business (in English)EN_en.png
International Innovation Management (in English)EN_en.png
Ecological and Commodity Management
Master of Business Administration
Project Management
Investment Projects Management
General and Strategic Management

Management of Entrepreneurship

Management of Commerce

Innovation Business Management

Management in Contract System
Intellectual Property Commercialization Management
Political Management
Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship
Luxury Goods and Services Brand Management
International Marketing (in English)EN_en.png
Corporate Marketing
Integrated Logistics
Small and Medium Business Marketing Management

Marketing and Entrepreneurship in Global Economy

International Hotel and Tourism Business (part-time)
Private and Public Finance Management (part-time)
Marketing and Sales (part-time)
Organization Human Source Strategic Management
Public Administration
Hospitality Industry Corporate Strategies
Business Psychology