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Student’s life

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics is the epitome of Russian Federation diversity​, reflecting the modern world in its wealth of cultures, ethnicities, and creative ideas. PRUE students reflect this diversity; they arrive from all over the Federation and different parts of the world not only to gain professional knowledge, but to enrich their intercultural experience and humane qualities as well. 

Students at PRUE are in the unique position to experience a college lifestyle in a city setting. Plekhanov University offers many of the essential activities that are traditionally associated with college student life, and its location in the center of Moscow creates a setting that presents a myriad of non-traditional opportunities that will supplement and accentuate the student life experience.

Students, lecturers and scientists at Plekhanov University are actively involved in social activities.

There is the Student Council that effectively work at the University. During 15 years, there have been enormous number of different projects initiated by the Council; some of them became annual events such as:

  • Matriculation Ceremony

  • An off-site training for the first-year students – Activity School

  • Plekhanov Student Day

  • University Birthday Ball

  • Miss of Plekhanov University Contest

  • Best Lecturer and Student Competition

and many other events.

Plekhanov Volunteer Group was formed recently in 2010. Volunteers help orphans and children with oncological other severe diseases. The Group holds children's charity events, contests and playing activities. In a word, volunteers do their best to make children feel happy.

There is the Trade Union Committee working successfully for many years in the University. Its main goals and objectives are expression, representation and protection of labor, social, economic and other legitimate rights and interests of its members.

Cooperation between the Trade Union Committee and the University administration is highly productive being based on the Collective Employment Agreement between the Plekhanov administration and Workers' Association which is an effective tool to reach social partnership. Trade Union activists are actively involved in socially significant commissions for the labor protection, time sheet accounting, social affairs, etc.

For those who are interested in the cultural component of social life there is the Cultural Center at the University 

– the recreation center for social events, such as concerts, University amateur art performances, various contests, meetings, and festivities.

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics pays a great attention to sports and healthy way of life. There is the Sports Club at the University with different units, gyms and a swimming pool.

Social life of PRUE means new encounters and new opportunities. It gives a chance to lead an active social life at one of the Russian leading universities of economics!