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Dmitry Shtykhno​

Dmitry Shtykhno


​​ ​

Vice Rector for strategic development and international affairs, Ph.D. of Economics



Teaching activity:


Teaching courses at PRUE:


Comparative management, Strategic management, Contemporary strategic analysis, Change Management, Organizational behavior, General Management, Managerial Decision Making, Risk Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing of Services, Marketing Management, Logistics, Basics of Auditing, Economic Analysis, International Business, Managing Marketing Teams, Finance for Marketing Managers, Setting Up and Doing Business in Russia.


CHN University Qatar (dean):

Service Contents, Service Customer, Introduction to the Hospitality Industry, Front Office Operations, Facilities Management, Housekeeping Management, F&B Management, Security & Loss Preventions Management, Club Management, Hospitality Marketing, Human Resource Management, Convention Management, Service Strategy, Strategy & Finance, Hospitality Marketing, Hospitality Environment

ICN, School of Management - France, University of Northern Iowa - USA (visiting lecturer):

Doing Business with Russian Partner

Research publications:


41 publications of more than 25 sheets.


  1. The U.S. experience for the development of University structures promoting entrepreneurship. Journal of Russian entrepreneurship. - 2012. - № 6 (204). – p.183 – 193. – ISSN 1994-6937
  2. Human capital theory as a methodological basis of socio-cultural diversity in companies (article). The scientific journal of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics "Human capital and professional education". No. 1, 2012. ISSN 2226-9177.
  3. International and cross-cultural approaches to comparative management: experience and problems of the educational process (article). Bulletin of PRUE. Electronic scientific journal. No. 3 of 2011. ISSN 2221-9463.



2010: conducting a marketing audit for a manufacturer of tea.


2007-2008: national innovative project - the creation of three master's programs and two manuals.

International conferences:

Title of conference, round table, seminar, status (international, all-Russian, intercollegiate)Venue (country, city), name of performing organization, date (month, year)Report title
Topical issues of entrepreneurship (Intern.)Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, (Moscow, Russia), February 2012The U.S. experience for the development of University structures promoting entrepreneurship
Twentieth World Business Congress. Challenges and opportunities of global business in the new millennium: contemporary issues and future trends. (междунар.)International Management Development Association (IMDA). Poznan University of Economics, Poznan, Poland. (July 3 - 7, 2011)A Longitudinal Study of Small Business in Russia: Findings and Implications in Experiential Learning
53rd Annual Meeting of the Academy of International Business. "International Business for Sustainable World Development"(междунар.)Academy of International Business. "International Business for Sustainable World Development". Nagoya, Japan. (June 24-28, 2011)Russian Energy Sector: Trends and Strategic Implications in the Eurasian Context
7th Annual Conference of Applied Business and Entrepreneurship Association International (междунар.)Applied Business and Entrepreneurship Association International (ABEAI), Waikoloa, Hawaii, USA (November 2010)Global Energy: Trends and Implications in the European-Russian Context
53rd International Council for Small Business World Conference "Advancing Small Business and Entrepreneurship: From Research to Results" (междунар.)International Council for Small Business (ICSB), Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (July 2008)Motivations and Obstacles for Entrepreneurship in Russia: 15 Years in Transition
4th International Conference "An Enterprise Odyssey: Tourism - Governance and Entrepreneurship” (междунар.)University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia, (June 2008)Entrepreneurship in the Russian Service Sector: Trends And Developments
EuroCHRIE/IAHMS Conference on Competitiveness in the International Hospitality Industry (междунар.)EuroCHRIE/IAHMS, Switzerland, Lauzanne, Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne (November 1998)Research of Competitive Possibilities for SOVINCENTR Inc. (World Trade Center Moscow) Through Marketing
HSMAI/EuroCHRIE Spring'98 Conference on Hospitality Sales and Marketing (междунар.)HSMAI/EuroCHRIE Norway, HÆGSKOLEN I STAVANGER. Avdeling NORSK HOTELLHÆGSKOLE (May 1998)Research of Globalization in the Hotel Industry: Marketing Implications for Russia