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About the Institute

The purpose of the Institute - conducting applied research and development in the field of education, implementation of expert and analytical and consulting services, promotion of educational activities; educational and regulatory, legal and institutional, organizational and consultative support of the educational process and educational activities in the regional universities, organization of the participation of leading specialists of university community in the development of regulatory, methodological and organizational foundations for the development of educational process of regional universities, consulting representatives of regional universities for teaching work, dissemination of experience of PRUE on the development of the basic professional educational programs and ensuring their effective implementation, organization of interuniversity cooperation in the field of educational and methodical, scientific and methodical, organizational and educational work, participation in the examination of the organization and quality of educational, methodical, expert activity.

At the Institute the following tasks are entrusted:

  1. in conjunction with the ESC / CST / clusters and departments of the University, attracting the most active part of research workers, faculty members and graduate students: 
  • performed for Ministry of Education of Russian Federation, regional ministries and agencies that are in charge of education, scientific research, funded on a competitive basis;
  • to carry out for Ministry of Education of Russian Federation of the scientific research in the framework of public tasks in the field of scientific activity;
  • carry out routine monitoring of the current state and trends of the development of higher education systems in Russia and foreign countries (based on aggregate indicators and indices);
  • to analyze the legal and regulatory framework, regulating the scope of higher education, to participate in the development of legal mechanisms of functioning of the higher education system at the federal, regional and municipal levels;
  • to analyze scientific and methodological base of the organization and implementation of educational activities;
  • to explore the problems of interaction of universities with environmental organizations (potential employers, in other scientific and educational organizations, and others.);
  • to examine the scientific, research and development programs and projects in higher education, including the involvement of other organizations, scientists and experts, and others.

b) together with educational departments of the University:

  • to participate in the improvement of methodological support of educational process at the University and in the regional institutions of higher education;
  • to solve questions of advisory for regional universities;
  • to develop interuniversity cooperation in the field of training and educational-methodological activities.

c) together with publishing center:

  • to prepare the release of periodic scientific publications, textbooks and manuals, reports, research papers and other collections.

g) together with International Office:

  • to carry out comparative studies in the field of higher education in Russia and abroad on a wide range of problems; 
  • to develop programs, projects and proposals for participation in international, all-Russian, regional and sectoral programs and competitions on education in Russia and abroad;
  • to carry out international scientific cooperation, to participate in joint research with foreign partners, including the secondment​ of scientists to foreign countries and accepting of foreign scientists, to conduct international conferences, meetings, symposia, to submit joint scientific publications.