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About the scientific school

Scientific school "Human Resource Management" (HRM SS) was established in accordance with the order of "Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics» № 278 from 13.04.2004, on the decision of Plekhanov Academic Council from 29.10.2012 since 1st November 2012 Scientific school "Human Resource Management" given the structural subdivision of the University's official status.



1. The main purpose of Scientific School is a practical application of its theoretical and methodological positions at all levels of government.

2. To achieve this goal scientific school is following the tasks:

  • Carrying out research works on actual problems of science in the field of human resource management that have a high practical significance;
  • Ensuring the continuity of scientific traditions;
  • Support and training of scientific and pedagogical staff, including young scientists;
  • Organization and carrying out of scientific events (conferences, "round tables", sections, symposiums, etc..) in the directions of Scientific School activity.
  • Creating the conditions for a more complete disclosure of the intellectual potential of the members of Scientific school through collaboration on research, distribution of modern theoretical and methodological approaches and new educational technologies.
  • Increase of efficency of participation of members of Scientific School in research activities.
  • Introduction into practice of scientific and pedagogical activities of the results of scientific work of Scientific School representatives.
  • Promoting scientific communications at the University, and improving the efficiency of interaction between members of Scientific School (professors, lecturers, scholars, researchers, graduate students, doctoral students) in the field scientific research work.



1. To achieve the objectives Scientific School carries out research and educational activities, within which a function-oriented at research activities of the scientific community, creation of innovative services for the preparation of the scientific staff and highly qualified specialists (candidates and doctors), teaching creative approach to the work of young researchers and scientists.

2. The main functions of Scientific School:

  • Carrying out scientific research of theoretical and applied character in the field of human resource management;
  • Organization of research, science and design, scientific and organizational, coordination, promotional and other activities of scientists of Scientific School;
  • Participation in the organization within institutions, inter-institutional, national, international and other scientific activities at the University (conferences, "round tables", seminars, discussion clubs, etc.);
  • Development and implementation of programs aimed at increasing the scientific potential of scientists of the University;
  • Involvement of students and doctoral students of the University to scientific and organizational, research, coordination, research and design, promotional and other activities of the School;
  • Implementation of information support of the activities of Scientific School, by placing the information on the personal page on the website of the University;
  • Preparation of materials for the scientific section of the online portal and periodic publications of the University;
  • Organization of permanent scientific seminars, groups, clubs, held with the participation of scientists of Scientific School;
  • Preparation for publication of scientific-methodological and information materials, collections and individual scientific works of scientists of scientific schools, including in electronic scientific journals;
  • Participation in the training of young scientists and specialists in specialties 08.00.05 - Economy and management of national economy (Labour Economics) and 08.00.05 - Economy and management of national economy (Management);
  • Preparation of expert reports on long-term issues of human resource development, reviews, book reviews, scientific opinions on policy documents and regulations, monographs, textbooks and manuals, methodical materials; consulting services of University rectorate.

3. The effectiveness of the scientific school on the quality of the implementation of scientific research conducted within areas of its activity; the growth of scientific and pedagogical qualifications of its members; expansion of the sphere of influence of scientific school among scientists and specialists; improving the quality of training of young scientists and human resource management specialists.

4. The results of the scientific school represented in leading scientific journals, scientific meetings of international, federal and regional levels, monographs, textbooks and manuals, scientific articles, reports, published in Russia and abroad, doctoral, candidate and master's theses, final qualifying works of bachelors.




Government Prize of Russian Federation in the field of education for educational and methodical set for educational institutions of higher and secondary vocational education in the specialty "Labour Economics" was awarded a number of members of the scientific school: Odegova Yuri, doctor of economic sciences, professor, head of the Plekhanov Russian Economic Academy, Sergey Kartashov, head of the department, Galina Rudenko, deputy head of the department, Zhuravlev Pavel, Kartashova Larissa, Kulapovu Mikhail, Solomanidina Tatiana, doctor of economic sciences, professor, Balahanova Dariko, candidate of economic sciences, Tatyana Nikonova, the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences - the workers of the same Academy; Victor Demin, candidate of economic sciences, doctor of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, director of Krasnogorsk opto-electronic college. (Russian Federation Government Resolution of 30.07.2005 number 470).