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About the Center

Educational and Scientific Center "Cybernetics" (ESCC) created by order of rector №772 from 21.07.2015 year.


The purpose of ESCC​: building on the basis of the University of science and education and expert and research environment that combines leading specialists, practitioners, young scientists of departments and other structural divisions in the field of applied and theoretical computer science, computer engineering, information and communication technology, design and development of information systems and software, information security, business informatics, knowledge management, to enhance the interest in the modern domestic and foreign achievements of the investigated areas and their implementation in the educational process and practice; initiating hosting of the scientific research, subsequent commercialization of their results; development of international cooperation.


Tasks of ESCC:

  • supporting and conducting of basic and applied scientific researches in supervised areas;
  • coordination of activities of departments on the improvement of educational programs in the implementation of a new model of a three-level education;
  • involvement in research and educational activities of young scientists: students, masters, graduate students and applicants;
  • supporting the development of innovation and intellectual potential and advanced training of scientific-pedagogical, scientific workers and specialists;
  • promoting the implementation of network forms of educational programs with the use of e-learning and distance learning technologies;
  • assistance to formation of international, interdepartamental and interfaculty educational and scientific projects and activities;
  • cooperation with professional associations, employers' associations, professional societies, foreign universities and other organizations;
  • commercialization of research, educational and expert activities, carrying out of entrepreneurial, consulting and other income of scientific and educational activities;
  • formation and development of information base of the results of the initiative or customized (internal or external) of research activities;
  • increasing of the unit weight of scientific publications of ESCC departments the total number of University publications indexed in databases RISC data and "Web of Science";
  • preparation and carrying out of the certification and the competitive selection of CPD;
  • activization of interest and development of the Olympiad movement among pupils and students in the study area;
  • coordination of educational-methodical council for Applied Informatics of educational and methodical association on UGSN 09.00.00 "Computer Science and Engineering";
  • promotion of the brand of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics in the investigated areas of support of economic university of Russia in external educational and scientific environment at all levels, including the Russian and international.