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About Center

E-learning Development Center of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics was established on the 1st of September, 2014.


The key activity area:


  • generalization and developing of the educational technologies and IT-products of the University;

  • coordination of activities of the University's structural subdivisions of creating, implementation into educational process and effective functioning of the University's virtual educational environment;

  • formation of the methods and principles of the University's virtual educational content making;

  • organization of development and implementation into educational process the electronic informational and educational resources and trainings tools for students of all attendances, majors and qualifications, which increase the effectiveness of the educational process of the University;

  • equal access conditions to the electronic educational resources of all categories students of the University;

  • creating a system of virtual education environment administrating of the University;

  • control of filling and need of actualization of the virtual education environment of the University;

  • monitoring of departments' availability, urgency and need of electronic education resources of the University;

  • the implementation of the University's educational content control system.



Main functions:


  • complex methodic, organizational and informational support of electronic education resources into the University's study process implementation;

  • development of the University's electronic educational content and virtual education environment regulations of forming;

  • provision of advisory and methodological and organizational support to lecturers, students and University staff on questions of formation and use of educational content in the educational process;

  • development and adaptation control of the necessary educational and methodological materials for the management of the educational process with use of electronic educational resources; 

  • development of approaches to assessing the quality and effectiveness of the introduction of electronic means and methods of training;

  • monitoring the availability of interactive e-content in all academic disciplines, the components of the educational program of the University;

  •  attracting developers of software systems for integrating e-learning content management systems, delivery of training materials, testing,  learning environments interactive support, knowledge management, management of educational process;

  • organization of training and advanced training of scientific and pedagogical employees of the University in relation to the use of modern electronic educational resources

  • and technologies in the educational process;

  • the submission in the established procedure of the University in the third-party agencies and organizations on matters within the competence of the centre;

  • defining of the activity area of the University structural subdivisions aimed on the formation of the universitywide information and educational content;

  • participating in the development of management decisions projects which affect the activity area of the Center;

  • developing suggestions for the improvement of the University related to the position functions of the Centre;

  • participating in the drafting in conjunction with the University estimates of cost in future periods to finance the implementation of programs and projects of the center;

  • participating in conferences, meetings and councils on matters within the Center competence;

  • sending employees for training in accordance with the needs of the Center and of the University;

  •  realization of activity under the local normative-legal documentation of the University;

  • timely and quality organization of performance of decrees and orders of the University management within the scope of activities of the centre;

  • preparation of consolidated reporting to the vice-rector for educational work and Informatization according to the results of the Center's activities.