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About of Office

Mission: professional orientation of youth, support for continuous education, preparation for the conscious choice of future profession, the organization of the reception of students in the university! 


The purpos​e and objectives of admissions committee management activities


The goal of the management activities is to ensure the coordination of the work on providing of the reception university campaign contributing to the formation of a contingent of students to meet the requirements of modern educational standards. 


The objectives of the management are:


  • Policy development of the admission campaign.
  • Development of regulatory and legal support of the admission campaign.
  • Organization and carrying out works on the promotion of educational programs in the education market.
  • Organization of personnel maintenance of the admission campaign.
  • Organization of logistical support of the admission campaign.
  • Organization of the University participation in an open competition for the placement of the control figures of admission of applicants.
  • Working with federal, state and local authorities for the organization of special admission.
  • Coordination of work with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Federal base of evidence, Regional USE data processing center, Federal testing center, GZGU website.
  • Coordinating work on the admission to programs at all levels, implemented at the University.
  • Coordinate the development and implementation of plans for the reception campaign of faculties.
  • The organization of professional orientation work with applicants.
  • Organization of work of the University preparatory courses.
  • Organization and carrying out of Olympiad for pupils. 

Control functions of the admissions office


In order to solve listed problems the management has the following functions:

  • Organization and carrying out of preparatory works for admission to the University in different categories of applicants.
  • Interaction with higher organizations on issues of admission; preparation of statistical reporting materials on admission to the various controls.
  • Providing students with the necessary documentation on career guidance and career guidance to students throughout the year.
  • Consultation on the conditions of reception and teaching at the University for a year.
  • Organization and holding of an admission of applicants to university.
  • Coordination of work selection and subjects of the University commissions, of the University subdivisions involved in the admission campaign.
  • Organization of logistics support of work qualification and subject committees.
  • Ensuring the continuity in the work of the selection committees, the organization of education (training) members of selection committees.
  • Study and dissemination of the experience of other universities in the organization of reception.
  • Preparing and conducting open doors days of the University.
  • Participation in educational exhibitions.
  • Maintenance and storage of documentation on admission to University.
  • Preparation of guidance and information materials on acceptance for internal and external users.
  • Monitoring of the learning process of students receiving education at university based on educational credit.
  • Organization of training of pupils for university, including additional educational services (training program).
  • Organization of School Olympiads and business games for lyceum students of the University.
  • Preparation of promotional and informational materials on the questions of the reception.
  • Work on the information content of the University website in the "Applicant" section.