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Analytic and forecasting office

​​​​​​Forecast-analytical department

Main goals of the University activity:

  • Planning of financial and economic activities of the University and its structural divisions;
  • The formation and implementation of development programs of the University based on the target control method;
  • Preparation and submission of reports on the activities of the University to the higher and supervisory organization;
  • Development of recommendations to improve the competitiveness and demand for services of the University on the basis of the studies of internal and external environment.

The Office shall be responsible for:

  • Methodological support system of economic management of the university and its structural subdivisions;
  • Budget planning of current activities of structural subdivisions and the University as a whole;
  • Preparation of quarterly analytic information for management purposes the university economies, including the formulation and monitoring system within the university performance-based budgeting;
  • Improving the model of analytical accounting and reporting of financial responsibility centers (FRC) and the University as a whole;
  • Providing leadership of the university with reliable information on the performance of long-term and medium-term programs of development of educational, scientific and other income-generating activities of financial responsibility centers;
  • Evaluation and analysis of profitability increasing of programs and rational use of FRC and the University resources in general, as well as the investment attractiveness of the educational, research and commercial projects at the University;
  • Expert evaluation and analysis of the efficiency of resource support for educational projects and other services;
  • Development and introduction of modern methods of planning, analysis, monitoring and management of the economy of the university and its structural subdivisions;
  • Development, alignment and improvement of the budgeting processes, economic analysis, cost management, inventory management and other resources.;
  • Organization of storage of accounting and reporting documentation;
  • Timely report to the managment of the University about all irregularities and deficiencies identified in the course of work of the Office;
  • At the request of management to conduct the efficiency analysis and evaluation of the structural units of the University;
  • Implementation of the work proposals for the formation of the receiving plan and cost of the education of extrabudgetary reception at the University;
  • Implementation of periodic (in accordance with the approved terms) adjustment plan of extrabudgetary funds revenues for University units.​​