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​The library of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics was founded in 1907 as a library of Moscow Commercial Institute. The very first books were transferred from the library of Moscow Association of dissemination of commercial knowledge. That collection had 123 publications. 

2003 - there was a period of rapid growth in information technology and the library was transformed into an Information and library Center. The status of the library changed along with the name change. Since that time The Information and library Center became a full partner in educational activities of the university. From that time on the Center's activities are focusing on advanced information technologies.

In June 2012 The Information and Library Center was renamed. The new name was The Scientific and Information library Center (SILC). It was named after academician Leonid I. Abalkin, a world-famous scientist, one of the key figures of perestroika. He was a graduate and professor of our university, a major economiс theorist, a specialist in methodology and history of economic science and problems of economic policy and mechanism.