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The foundation of RF Regions Situation Centre for Socio-Economic Development in Plekhanov Russian University of Economics on the modern information and technology basis is providing breakthrough capabilities for innovative development of educational and research activities at the University.

Software and technological solutions of the Situation Centre allow using its information and technology resources in the interactive mode in most lecture rooms, offices, University Library, and also from PCs and tablets of lecturers and students.

The basis for the Situation Centre foundation is the Information and Analytical Internet System “On-line monitoring of RF Regions Socio-Economic Development”, which has received the certificate № 2014612588 (February 28, 2014) of the Federal service for intellectual property, confirming the unique of analytical and forecasting capabilities of the software, and also the right for intellectual property.

The main features of the Situation Centre of the University are:

  • Functional visualizing capabilities according to the levels of administrative and territorial governance of the initial, computational and analytical information,

  • The use of author’s methodology of the specialists from Plekhanov University to form composite indехes, characterizing RF regions development due to the main directions of the federal and regional policy of socio-economic development,

  • The use of updated highly efficient methods of spatial modeling and forecasting.

Resources of RF Regions Situation Centre for Socio-Economic Development and its teams of experts of highly-qualified lecturers and researchers are opened for collaboration projects on risk-analysis and forecasting of socio-economic systems of regional and municipal levels, to work out optimal trajectories reaching the target indicators of strategic development programs.

The student sector for the efficient use of resources of the Centre in the information content of educational and research work of students and post-graduate students of the University is expected to be formed in the Situation Centre structure.

At ​present the Situation Centre is actively cooperating with the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation in the direction of practical use and system development “On-line monitoring ” for the purposes of meeting the functional goals of the departments of the Ministry, including the provision of advanced assessment of the targeted parameters achievement for the strategic development of RF regions, an operative base establishing for the e-passport of RF region, regions’ typology, and sound isolation zones of the advanced development, improvement of spatial planning system and a number of other tasks.​