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The main determining functions of the school are research and educational functions. The first function focused on the joint research of the scientific community and creating an innovative product; and the second one – on the training of scientific workers and high-profile specialists (PhD) and teaching creativity to the young scientists who participate in here, encouraging them to work in Russian Institutes of Higher Education. The main functional purpose of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics` school of science is the mobilization of the scientific potential on solving theoretical and methodological and theoretical and practical issues of current importance, continuity of scientific traditions, support and assistance with scientific research for young scientists and implementation of innovative educational programs.
Our research findings published in the leading scientific publications, international, federal and regional forums, monographs, textbooks and manuals, scientific articles, reports, degree works of the students-members of the school.
The aims of founding this school as a scientific community are:
- active search for innovations in the development of economics and economic behavior;
-  constant development of the scientific potential and its mobilization on solving theoretical and methodological and theoretical and practical issues of current importance;
-  to develop professional research and educational skills of the students;
- to help in the creation of a personality that is able to be self-realized in a constantly changing environment, its moral character; to help bringing up patriots of Russia and the academy, a constitutional democracy citizen, respecting rights and individual freedom; to help with the development of the culture of interethnic relations;
- realization of a joint research based on the programs, created by the head of the school, and under his supervision;
Main objectives of the school are:
- to form a new system of scientific views of the school members;
- continuity of scientific traditions
- to form an atmosphere of scientific creativity and interest in research;
- to meet scientific workers needs in increasing their intellectual and cultural level and looking out for professional and personal perspectives;
- to help in the development of educational and research skills in the academy as the conditions of improving quality and effectiveness of the educational process;
- determination of the forward-looking fields (economical, humanitarian, science, technical, etc.) of research and experimental work within the priority themes of the scientific school;
- support and assistance with scientific research for young scientists (students working for doctor`s degree, post-graduates, competitors);
- to involve the most gifted students into research; to form a modern scientific worldview
by the youth;
- to create and to implement innovative educational programs and research findings of the scientific school into practice.