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Popularization of the Russian language as the State language of Russia and working language of international organizations.

​​​Dear students of "Rusich",

 The "Rusich" Centre was one of the first to conduct the State test of Russian for admission to the citizenship of the Russian Federation, obtaining a residence permit, the temporary residence permit, patent, and levels of proficiency of the Russian language as a foreign one.​​
The workers of the "Rusich" Centre are professional test conductors which have been trained and have the right to conduct the State test of Russian as a foreign language.
The test is taken every week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 11:00AM. Certificates' production time is 10 workdays.
Before the test there is a free consultation on test blanks filling out and the examination procedure. The price of the State exam of Russian as a foreign language see here.
The "Rusich" Centre is staffed by teachers of the Russian language Department of Plekhanov Russian University of Economica, which have a unique e​xperience in the successful preparation of pupils for Unified State Examination on the Russian language. Classes are held in mini-groups (up to 6 students). The program "Preparation for Unified State Exam in the Russian language" designed for 72 hours and comprises all sections of school course. The program price see here.
This training allows bringing an individual learning path for each student that ensures maximum results in the exams.
Train, pass the tests and​ get 100 points!

The head of the "Rusich" Centre
E. Lavrushina