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Production, distribution, and application of new knowledge in the field of educational activities at the University, its branches and partner universities


The purpose of the Institute - conducting applied research and development in the field of education, implementation of expert and analytical and consulting services, promotion of educational activities; educational and regulatory, legal and institutional, organizational and consultative support of the educational process and educational activities in the regional universities, organization of the participation of leading specialists of university community in the development of regulatory, methodological and organizational foundations for the development of educational process of regional universities, consulting representatives of regional universities for teaching work, dissemination of experience of PRUE on the development of the basic professional educational programs and ensuring their effective implementation, organization of interuniversity cooperation in the field of educational and methodical, scientific and methodical, organizational and educational work, participation in the examination of the organization and quality of educational, methodical, expert activity.

Activity of the Institute is aimed at obtaining, dissemination and application of new knowledge in the field of education.