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The main objective of oganization of purchases management is the implementation of a common policy on planning, organization and conducting of procurement of goods (works, services) for the needs of the University, taking into account existing legislation.



Head of

oganization of purchases management:


Kizhapkina Julia

phone: +7 (495) 958-29-11



 Management functions:

- handling and posting on the official website of the Russian Federation of plans and schedules of order placement, through a tendering process and without bidding, organizing, updating and monitoring of the work plans and reporting;

- organization of carrying out of planned procurement of goods, works and services in accordance with the procedures provided for by federal law and applications of structural subdivisions of the University, including the implementation of matching of procurement of goods, works and services by placing an order with a single supplier;

-  development of competitive documentation, auction documentation;

-  amendments to the competitive documentation, auction documentation. Publication and placing of notices on the open competitions or open auctions, including auction in electronic form;

-  receiving quotation requests, envelopes with applications for participation in the competition, applications for participation in the auction (in accordance with applicable Russian legislation);

-  registration of requests for decision taken of the Unified Commission and clarification decision made at the request of the interested person;

-  maintenance of the database and archive documents on ongoing procurement of goods, works and services;

-  presentation of information in the Unified Register of state contracts;

-  preparation and submission for approval of the establishment of commissions for placing orders of draft orders;

- representation of the University in cooperation with parent organizations (FAS, MERT, Federal Treasury Department and other public bodies) on legal question of order placement and procurement for the needs of the University;

-  preparation of reports, analytical and summary documents on the University procurement.