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The main functions of the department for work with the dissertation councils are the organizational and methodical, information and technical support of the appraisal process, as well as the implementation of control functions.

Organizational and methodological support:

  • development of local normative documents regulating the attestation activity of at the University;  
  • conducting training seminars and consultations for scientific secretaries of dissertation councils;
  • training seminars for graduate students, doctors and academic degrees candidates;
  • advising of job applicants on registration of documents questions and certification matters, as well as the thesis defense procedure;
  • development of algorithm of realization the appraisal process at the University;
  • participation in the organizational and methodological activities of MES, RSL, TSITIS dedicated to the organization of the appraisal process at the university;
  • creating the conditions for storage of certification cases of applicants, organization bookbinding, preparation for putting them in the archive;
  • execution of contracts for the provision of services on the opposing theses;
  • the provision in the HAC MES reports on the activities of dissertation councils;
  • organization of activities on work with appeals and expert opinions for dissertations;
  • organization of dissertation councils meetings.


Information support:

  • preparation of answers to organizations requests for confirmation of the reliability of protection of theses;
  • getting at HAC MES diplomas of doctors and candidates of sciences and issuing them to applicants with a thesis in dissertation councils at the University;
  • preparation of applications to HAC Ministry of Education to establish changes in the composition, on the termination of the university in dissertation tips;
  • organization, support and control of timely introduction of scientific secretary of information on thesis in EGISM;
  • preparation of analytical materials on the effectiveness of the of dissertation councils;
  • interaction with structural divisions of the university to perform their assigned duties of department, including the Ministry of Education and Science of accounting documents;
  • transfer of certification affairs to WAC;
  • creating a protection schedule of theses and monitoring its implementation


Technical support:

  • check for the presence of incorrect borrowing in theses;
  • organization of video and audio protection of theses,
  • timely posting on the website of the University of information necessary for the protection of theses;
  • advising scientists Secretaries (responsible for EGISM work) on work procedures;
  • providing the introduction of EGISM applications for the establishment, changes in the composition, on the termination of the university in dissertation advices;
  • Maintenance of the hall meetings of dissertation councils;


Control functions:

  • control over the formation of certification of affairs of job applicants;
  • control over the timely placement of ads on the WAC website of the defenses and abstracts and the introduction of information in EGISM;
  • control over the timely transfer of dissertation councils to the Ministry of Education of the requested documents;