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Scientific school "Human Resource Management" (HRM SS) was established in accordance with the order of "Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics» № 278 from 13.04.2004, on the decision of Plekhanov Academic Council from 29.10.2012 since 1st November 2012 Scientific school "Human Resource Management" given the structural subdivision of the University's official status.





Yuriy Odegov – Doctor of Economics, Professor


  • Honored Scientist of Russian Federation
  • Laureate of the Government Prize of the Russian Federation in the field of education
  • Full member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
  • Full member of Academy of Labour and Employment
  • Member Non-Profit Partnership "The National Union of WCC-HR"
  • Works at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics since 1975
  • Founded one of the first in the Russian Federation department of "Personnel Management" in 1992
  • Experience at high school more than 45 years
  • Veteran of labor of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
  • Prepared 31 candidates and 7 doctors of economic sciences
  • Author of over 520 scientific papers, totaling more than 750 pp

Education, scientific degrees:

  • Plekhanov Moscow Institute of National Economy (1971);
  • Doctor of economic sciences (1989 г.);
  • Professor (1990 г.)
  • Achievements and awards:
  • Laureate of the Government Prize of the Russian Federation in the field of education (2005);
  • Order "Friendship" (2010);
  • Medal "In Commemoration of the 850th Anniversary of Moscow" (1997);
  • Silver medal of the Academy of Labor and Employment "For contribution in the science of labor and employment" (2001);
  • Anniversary medal "10 years of RANS" For merits in development of science and economy "(2000);
  • Memorable sign for active participation in care and maintenance activities (2009);
  • Medal "Excellence in Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan" (2009);
  • Medal "Excellence in Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan" (2009);
  • Diploma of the Government of Moscow (2011);
  • Medals "15 and 20 years of the first Department of Personnel Management in Russia" (2011, 2014);
  • Medal "For merits in the revival of science and economy of Russia" (2012);
  • Memorable breastplate "20 years of the Tashkent branch of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics"(2015);
  • Diploma of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics for the great contribution in training and in connection with the 70th anniversary of department of Labour Economics and Human Resources Management (2015).
  • Included in the top 500 rankings of the leading Russian economists as of January 2015 and January 2016.

By Odegov Yu. were published more than 520 scientific works with the total volume of more than 750 pp, the most significant of them:


Scientific school "HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT" fulfilled the following budgetary and economic contractual research:

  1. As part of the agreement to perform research and development activities and the provision of scientific and methodological services performed scientific research work on the topic "Role of the university in the development of talents". Deadline - 2014 Head of Research and Development - PhD, Professor Yu. Odegov
  2. As part of the agreement performing of research and development activities and the provision of scientific and methodological services performed by scientific research work on the theme "Human Resource Management (HRM) in the system of creation (formation) of corporate values of the organization". Deadline - 2014 Head of Research and Development - PhD, Professor Kartashov S.


Scientific school "Human Resource Management" conducts training of scientific personnel on specialties 08.00.05 - "Economy, planning and organization of the national economy management and its branches", 08.00.07 - "Labour Economics" Theme of master's and doctoral dissertations is characterized by diversity, relevance and novelty.

Under the guidance of Doctor of Economics, Professor Yu. Odegov (1991) were prepared and defended the following dissertations, including:

Doctoral dissertations:

  • Nurmahmad Mirmahmad "Organization of labor management in the industry in the new economic conditions", 1991
  • Zhuravlev Pavel " Personnel management technology of entrepreneurial organizations ", 29 December 1998
  • Kokorev Igor "Managing of the organization staff in the light of human capital theory", 30 October 2002
  • Fedchenko Anna "Regulating of employees' income in conditions of the labor market", 16 October 2002
  • Polovinko Vladimir "The system of management staff of the organization: theoretical and methodological approaches to development", 24 April 2002
  • Shubenkova Eugene "Organizational component of human resource management: methodological aspects of development", 2 February 2005
  • Babynina Liliya "Compensation wage model: the theory, methodology and corporate experience" 30 May 2012

Candidate dissertations:

  • Shamil Aliyev "The market of educational services and questions of its control", 2003
  • Bass Vitalij "Human resource management in the organization, quality-oriented", 2003
  • Munchaeva Svetlana "Costs of staff training and the ways of their optimization", 2004
  • Minaev Vladimir "Rationing of repair work in the nuclear power industry of Russia" 2005
  • Ivankovich Eugene "Managing of the organization staff with the extreme working conditions (for example, JSC" Aeroflot ", 19 October 2005)
  • Abduvaliev Salim "Management of social and economic development of municipal unions: generalization of experience of Russia and Republic of Uzbekistan", 22 November 2006
  • Vladimir Melnik "Rationing of labour as the instrument of stress level control in the organization", 17 October 2007
  • Kamalov Alina " Management of labor protection at the enterprises of the baking industry," 9 April 2007
  • Kotova Larisa "Organization of personnel management service in modern conditions", 26 June 2008
  • Elena Mikhailova "Impact of the national project" Health "in the quality of human resources in the region (on the example of Republic of Udmurtia)", 8 April 2009
  • Logvinov Dmitry "Management of development based on the motivation of staff (on example, of branch of Sberbank of Russia)", 21 October 2009
  • Ivankovich Pavel "Application of marketing tools in personnel management (on the example of JSC" Gazprombank ", 25 March 2011
  • Tishkina Nadezhda "Development and implementation of anti-crisis personnel policy", 25 May 2011
  • Gal'tsov Maxim "Investing in staff system of budgeting the costs of managing them," 16 November 2011
  • Kyntikov Mikhail "Risk Management in work with personnel in system maintenance of personnel security organization", 22 December 2012
  • Vladimir Polunin "Management of formation and development of the personnel reserve (on example of Russian oil and gas companies)," 23 May 2012