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Founded in 1907 as the library of Moscow Commercial Institute with 123 publications today Abalkin Scientific and Information Library Center is oriented on advanced information technologies. Named after Russian economist and political figure Leonid Abalkin, a graduate of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, the library became the Scientific and Information Library Center since 2012. 

Being one of the largest vaults of publishing information in the economic sphere the library aims at providing corresponding and relevant information for students and scientists.The library includes:

634 441 storage units:

  • 109 900 copies of scientific literature

  • 466 477 copies of academic books

  • 17 115 copies of foreign literature (foreign publishers in different languages)

  • 44 241 copies of fiction

  • 12 774 copies of periodicals (of which: 11 333 copies of national publications and 1 441 copies of foreign)

  • 64 000 sources on-line databases

  • 7 000 old publications in Russian and English languages (of which: 275 copies of rare books in foreign languages and 18 copies in Russian)

  • 7 718 dissertations (since the beginning of the XX century)

  • 150 seats in the reading-room

  • 43 users’ computer workstations, of which 35 APM have Internet access and 8 APM have special




    Unicode (France), the most recent version of Automated Library and Information System

  • 230 674 records in the electronic catalog (since 1996)