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PLEKHANOVRussian University
of Economics

Founded in 1907

​​Mission of the institute - implementation of research and innovative projects of various complexity and orientation on the basis of effective use of intellectual resources of University.

Aim of the institute - to carry out fundamental and applied studies and researches for various state and non-state customers, including scientific researches based on grants, provided by Russian and foreign funds (RFPF, RHSF and others), commercial academic and advisory engagement for juridical and physical entities.

Tasks of the institute:

1. Together with the departments of the University and its most active part of the teaching staff (young scientists, post-graduate students):
    • to carry out scientific, expert-analytical, and other studies for the leading state customers financed on the basis of competitive selection. A priority should be given to the orders of the supervising Ministry and studies in the educational sphere. Another goal is to carry out scientific researches for the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation within the state task for services rendering;
    • to fulfill scientific researches and other works and provide services on the basis of administrative agreements for economic structures;
    • to provide assistance to organizations working in different branches of natural economy and defense-industrial sector plants in carrying out applied studies in the sphere of promising directions of science and technical development and also in introduction of the advanced development to production. The aim of these activities is to level up domestic technologies, to accommodate the growth of the share of the industrial high-technology output in order to minimize the costs and terms of the manufacturing;
    • to carry out monitoring of the major macroeconomic indicators regularly, which characterize the state and development of domestic economy in general and also, at the level of certain regions of the country, to carry out forecasting of social and economic processes;
    • to carry out an examination of scientific and scientific-research programs and projects with the help of other organizations, scientists and specialists;
    • to realize a practical approbation of new achievements of economic science in experimental teaching process;
    • to select and train the most promising masters, post-graduate students and external doctoral candidates in order to form a reserve of the teaching staff of the University;

2. Together with the publishing center to carry out preparations for publishing of the scientific and analytical magazine "Science and Practice" of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

3. Together with the Internal Business Department:
    • to develop programs, projects and offers for taking part in international, national, branch-wise and regional programs and contests;
    • to achieve international scientific cooperation, participate in researches together with foreign partners, including delegating scientists to foreign countries and to receive foreign scientists; to hold international conferences, meetings, symposiums, to introduce joint academic papers.