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Dear Colleagues!



The Research Center of Labour Economics (RCLE) is a structural subdivision of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education «Plekhanov Russian University of Economics», carrying out research, administrative and management activities within the goals, objectives and assigned liabilities. 

The Research Center of Labour Economics under Plekhanov Russian University of Economics was established in due to order No. 1131 dated on September 21, 2020, ratified by Rector of the University. In January 2021, Dr. Bobkov Vyacheslav Nikolaevich assigned as Director of Research Center of Labour Economics.


• carrying out fundamental and applied research for various state and non-state customers, including the implementation of scientific projects funding by Russian and international research agencies;

• increasing the research activity of the University staff and attracting bachelors, masters, graduate students, PhD and doctoral students to participate in scientific activity, contributing to improvement of their professional level.


• carrying out of research, expert-analytical and other works for leading state customers, financed on the basis of competitive selection, while giving priority to orders of the supervising Ministry of Science and Higher Education within state assignment for the provision of services; 

• implementation of scientific researches and services by order of government customers and other structures, including fundamental and applied scientific research in accordance with RCLE's primary goals; 

• assistance to organizations of various industries in conducting applied research in prospective areas of labour economics; 

• monitoring of the most important economic and socio-demographic indicators characterizing labour issues embracing as national, regional and corporate levels as well; 

• carrying out an expertise of scientific, research programs and projects in the RCLE's field of interest, also along with with other organizations, scientists and specialists; 

• development of programs, projects and proposals for participation in international, all-Russian, sectoral and regional programs and contests; 

• implementation of international scientific cooperation, participation in joint research with foreign partners, including international exchange, holding international conferences, meetings, round tables, submitting joint scientific publications; 

• carrying out fundamental, exploratory and applied researches; 

• publication of research results in largest abstract and citation database included RSCI, Scopus and Web of Science; 

• patenting the most significant contributions on behalf of the University; 

• encourage a bachelors, masters, postgraduates and doctoral students of  to participate in scientific activity under the guidance of the RCLE's staff; 

• introduction of RCLE methodological outputs into educational process.


• conducting fundamental research in priority areas for increasing the efficiency of economic and social policy in solve a labour issues, including as part of all-Russian regional programs. 

• implementation of proactive and exploratory research aimed at creating an advanced scientific groundwork for solving issues of labour economics in order to development of the country and regions. 

• scientific support for elaboration of strategies, concepts and programs of socio-economic development in labour market, increase the standards of living and quality of life in Russian Federation. 

• development of software systems for collecting and providing the necessary information based on modern information technologies, as well as for analyse and forecast the consequences of decisions made in labour market, increase the standards of living and quality of life in Russian Federation. 

• search and bring of extra financing, including Russian and international funding, as well as regional, federal and foreign investors for co-financing of innovative programs and projects. 

• analysis the competitiveness of national labour force in order to develop of specific measures aimed at significant improvements in their quality for modernization and innovative development of economy, to increase the standards of living and quality of life in Russian Federation. 

• forecasting of social and labour areas in Russian Federation.

• explore the expirience of developing and implementing specific mechanisms for introduction and support of innovative projects and scientific outputs aimed at ensuring human development, improving the standards of living and quality of their employment for contribute to modernization and technological progress of national and regional economy. 

• development and implementation of tools to support innovations in the social and labour areas within the framework of public-private partnerships. 

• analysis of foreign forecasts and international comparisons towards working out a long term forecast for social and labour areas in Russian Federation. 

• elaboration of new tools and methods of regulation in the social and labour areas, based on the analysis and systematization of international experience. 

• participation in scientific substantiation and support for the implementation of priority national projects aimed at developing the social and labour areas, improving the standards of living and quality of life in Russian Federation. 

• organization of scientific and practical seminars and conferences, as well as consulting on the development of social and labour areas, the standards of living and quality of life in Russian Federation, publication of scientific literature. 

• publication of scientific reports, articles, monographs, textbooks and other editions containing the most significant results of scientific activity. 

• participation in international, all-Russian and regional scientific events. 

• preparation and conduct of scientific seminars and other events at the University. 

• interaction with student scientific community to involve them in scientific and applied researches carried out at the University.