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About School



1. The main purpose of the Scientific school is the introduction into practice of its theoretical and methodological provisions at all levels of management. 

2. To achieve this goal, the Scientific School solves the following tasks: 

  • Carrying out research work on topical issues of science in the field of public administration of human resources, of high practical importance; 
  • Ensuring the continuity of scientific traditions;
  • Support and training of scientific and pedagogical personnel, including young scientists; 
  • Organization and holding of scientific events (conferences, "round tables", sections, symposia, etc.) in the areas of The scientific school. 
  • Creation of conditions for more complete disclosure of intellectual potential of members of Scientific school by interaction in carrying out scientific work, distribution of modern theoretical and methodological approaches and new educational technologies. 
  • Improving the effectiveness of the participation of members of The scientific school in research activities. 
  • Introduction into practice of scientific and pedagogical activity of results of scientific work of representatives of Scientific school. 
  • Promoting the development of scientific communications at the University and improving the effectiveness of the interaction of representatives of the Scientific school (professors, teachers, scientists, researchers, postgraduates, doctoral students) in the field of research work.