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About Office


Certification and scientific personnel training Office is a structural division of the university which carries out organizational-methodological and coordinating role and control functions in the field of training and certification of personnel of higher qualification.


The main objectives of the office are:


  1. planning and organization of training for scientific-pedagogical and scientific personnel in the postgraduate programs and doctoral studies;
  2. organizational and information support of postgraduate training and doctoral and certification of personnel of higher qualification;
  3. coordination of teaching and research training of graduate students and doctoral candidates, and monitoring the implementation of individual training and research training plans;
  4. interaction with academic, scientific and teaching divisions of the University with the purpose of increase of efficiency of training of scientific-pedagogical and scientific personnel and training and methodological support of training programs for graduate students;
  5. promote the development of professional contacts with leading educational and research centers in the field of training scientific-pedagogical staff;
  6. promoting regional and international cooperation in the sphere of training of scientific personnel of higher qualification.

The Department comprises the following divisions:

  • postgraduate and doctoral studies, with its three divisions:
  1. Department of postgraduate and doctoral studies
  2. Department of coordination of the production
  3. Department coordination of additional programs and projects.


Directions of activity of structural divisions of the office are determined by the Regulation and, if necessary, can be complemented by local regulations.