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ManagerRuslan I. Khasbulatov (Doctor of Science (Economics), Professor, Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

Objectives of the School:

  • generalization of the research of the main scientific fields and mobilization of the scientific potential on solving theoretical and methodological and theoretical and practical issues of current importance, continuity of scientific traditions, support and assistance with scientific research for young scientists;
  • participation in training of young scientists and specialists;
  • popularization of the results of the scientific research with the help of scientific publications and media;
  • implementation of the research findings into the teaching practice of such disciplines as “World Economy” and “International Economic Relations”.

The school is the community of scientists and specialists that:

  • has a formed scientific doctrine that distinguishes the school from another academia in this problem domain;
  • researches into theoretical and applied nature of the main scientific areas of the school;
  • conducts activities in the domain that is more forward-looking in developing science;
  • has its own achievements in the leading scientific publications and international scientific forums;
  • reflects scientific-theoretical achievements in monographs, textbooks and manuals published by leading Russian and foreign publishers.