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Specialization in "Customs regulation and control"

​The educational program is aimed to provide full competences related to the implementation of customs-tariff regulation of foreign economic activity, skills the calculation of customs duties and its direct purposes, monitoring the  whole process and timing of payment, ability to monitor compliance with the currency legislation of the Russian Federation when moving across the customs border of the EAEC goods exchange values, Russian currency, domestic securities, precious metals and precious stones.


Courses (lectures, seminars and practical classes) are led by Professors and Expertise   which are practitioners and employees of Federal Customs Service of Russia. During the courses are taught the latest developments in the field of information technology, discusses the theoretical, organizational, legal and economic mechanisms of customs regulation of foreign trade, taking into account the specifics of the functioning of the EAEC and the role of Russia in the post-Soviet space.


Core disciplines:

• modern methods of control of goods in customs;

• currency regulation and currency control;

• basics of qualification and investigation of crimes in the sphere of customs affairs;

• customs control;

• customs control of goods conveyed by natural persons;

• international standards and modern technologies of customs control;

• customs clearance of goods and vehicles;

• customs value and customs value control in the various customs procedures;

• customs regulations trading;

• basics of technical means of control;

• customs procedures;

• customs regulations in free economic zones.


Since 2015 our  educational program is implemented in the Russian and English language, given the high demand for language skills among professionals involved in foreign economic activity; Courses in English are hold by foreign Professors and Experts.


In 2015 the program has passed a public professional accreditation in the Chamber of Commerce for the period until 2021.


Department responsible of specialization educational program - Department of International Business and customs affair