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Specialization in "Commodity and expertise in customs affairs"

The  educational program is aimed to  form specialists with the competences/abilities in monitoring the declared customs value of goods transported across the customs borders, the skills to identify counterfeit and infringing goods, the ability to monitor compliance with the prohibitions and restrictions established in accordance with the legislation of the Customs Union and the Russian Federation on the state regulation of foreign trade activity.


Specialization courses are conducted on the example of individual commodity groups such as perfumery and cosmetics, leather and footwear, fur, jewelry, confectionery, flavor, meat and other products using natural designs and specialized equipment.


Core disciplines:

• law and regulation in customs affairs;

• information technology and systems in customs;

• general and customs statistics;

• declaration of goods and vehicles;

• customs examination;

• economy of customs;

• Identification and detection of counterfeit and infringing goods;

• international requirements for product safety;

• international requirements for storage and transportation of goods;

• evaluation activities for customs purposes;

• prohibitions and restrictions of foreign trade activity;

• basics of document management in the customs authorities;

• modern methods of control of goods in customs.

Competitive advantages

good material base - a complex of specialized laboratories and offices for homogeneous product groups, equipped with modern appliances and natural samples of goods;


workshops take the form of workshops and master classes that allows you to create a good practical skills.


Department responsible of specialization educational program - Department of Commodity Science and commodity expertise